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Our fans have been asking for a room tour for a LONG time! So, we asked our mom if she would help us film it, and she finally said YES! {This was the first time that my mom was “behind” the camera, rather than in front of it… because our dad was gone! Sorry if it is a little shaky!}

Much of the decorating was done my my mom and Jenny from ShowMeCute about a 1.5 years ago! In fact, here is one of Jenny's very first videos where the room she was decorating was actually our bedroom!

We love to decorate in “antique chic”, a mix of old, repurposed, and new items! Many of the furniture items were found at thrift stores, garage sale, or antique stores! {The only thing new was our mattresses!}

Hope you enjoy, and can maybe get some ideas for your own room! Please leave a comment below letting us know what you liked most!

Have a nice day!

Brooklyn & Bailey

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