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Freecycle USA is an organization known for offering Earth friendly ways to Recycle and Repurpose quality Eco friendly and Sustainable materials into DIY Crafts, Decor, Furniture and more, which in turn helps with the establishment of a Healthier Planet for all of us to live on. If you are driven to the concept of a clean Green Planet using recycled reuse materials please browse our Freecycle website to find something you like.

7 Simple Ways To Care For Your Roses

Caring for roses can be a lot of fun but it can also be a lot of work. They are the hardest flowers to keep healthy. There are many things that you can do to ensure your plants are a success. 1. Pick a good spot for your plants - Make sure it is somewhere that will...

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DIY Landscaping – Getting Started

By creating a landscaped outdoor area with your own two hands, you'll save on the cost of a professional landscaper and have maximum input as to the look of the finished product. But how do you get started? There are several different types of feature that might look...

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About Me

My name is Jennifer Greene and I love my involvement with Freecycle USA. By using reclaimed green materials we help with the establishment of a Healthier Planet for all of us to ive on. If you are driven to the concept of a clean Green Planet using recycled reuse materials please browse our Freecycle website to find something you like.

Woodworking Designs Plans and Projects

Free Shed Plans

9 Ways How I Clean My Clogged Pores

Clogged Pores Your skin has pores. You might barely notice it because they are not very visible, but for some, pores can be really large. You must be lucky enough but even with that, you need to check out for clogged pores. When oil, dirt, dead skin, and other...

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9 Home Puffy Eye Remedies

9 Home Puffy Eye Remedies Looking yourself at the mirror and seeing those bulging or sagging eye bags can be really frustrating. Puffy eyes or what we common call as eye bags can be normal to some individuals. This is characterized by swelling of the orbits (tissues...

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7 Best Home Facial ACNE Remedies

Home Facial ACNE Remedies The face is the most visible part of the body that enables us to recognize one person from another. You cannot just cover it if you wish to hide something. It shows your outer beauty, youthfulness, sophistication, as well as emotions. As much...

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Must See Brad Pitt's Tiny Home

Yes! Even Brad Pitt has an enormous interest in Tiny Houses and here's one he helped build in new Orleans. This is just one of the homes that he helped build through the Make It Right Foundation which he helped start to help build homes for families whose houses were...

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Simple Chicken Coop Plans

If you love raising poultry in your backyard and you plan to put up a small and simple coops in your backyard to house your chicken, you might want to explore making it as your do-it-yourself project. Indeed, building a chicken coop can be easy and simple, and most of...

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