Living on a 4 Season Houseboat – Beautiful Floating Tiny House!

In this video, we meet Bonnie from Wakefield, Québec, Canada who is living on a gorgeous tiny house boat that is full of character and charm. The River Den (or La Tannière) has custom-made asymmetrical windows, a classic ship's wheel, antique fireplace, and hand-built furniture — all of which give the boat a warm and cozy feel that makes you feel at home as soon as you step on board. The boat is docked on the shore of the Gatineau River and Bonnie lives in it as often as she can when she's not renting it out on Airbnb (

The tiny houseboat was designed by Bonnie and her boatbuilding friend, Denis Tremblay, who is known locally as the Wakefield Pirate. Denis and a few of his friends built the boat by hand, including the aluminum frame and the custom windows, the cabinets, and the grill floor in the loft.

The boat is built on 5 pontoons that are designed to provide flotation while still taking on some water to keep the boat weighed down in the water for stability. The pontoons are also designed to freeze in the ice and are made by a local company called Les Quais Navigables (

It's a 4-season house boat that is fully insulated and has an antique wood burning fireplace to provide heat in winter. For power, they installed a deep cycle marine battery that provides 12-Volt power for the lights, bilge pump, and navigation lights. They have a Separett composting toilet from Sweden (, and a sink that pumps water from the river for washing dishes. For refrigeration, Bonnie uses a cooler with ice, but she might invest in some solar panels so that she can power a proper fridge eventually.

The main floor has a kitchen, toilet, dining room and living room, and upstairs there is cozy a sleeping loft with a grill floor that allows heat to rise through the floor, and sun & dust to travel down to the main level. One of the windows in the loft opens up onto a gorgeous rooftop patio with a cedar deck and has space for some solar panels if/when Bonnie decides she needs them.

The boat has a gas motor and can be taken out on the river which is quite impressive considering it's size! To make sure the boat was still road worthy, they built a wedge roof over the loft that can be taken apart if Bonnie wants to transport it to a different location. The boat is currently docked in the quaint little town of Wakefield, Québec where there are cute cafes, restaurants and shops right across the street.

If anyone is interested in renting this house boat, check it out on the Airbnb website here:

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Garage turned into a TINY HOUSE- “The Rustic Modern” in Portland, OR

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (author of “Microshelters” and “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”) tours a tiny house (converted from a garage) in Portland, OR. This airbnb rental house has full stairs to its loft, a great little kitchen, bathroom, and more- as you'll see in this tiny house tour. This particular house is also featured in Deek's “Microshelters” book on small homes, cabins, tree houses, and backyard offices.


WANT TO RENT A NIGHT HERE? Its an airbnb listing- check it out here…


84 Lumber has tiny houses for sale!

84 lumber of Stroudsburg Pennsylvania has tiny houses for sale!
Whenever I get a chance to see a tiny house, I go check it out!
I live in a tiny house, and I love it!
This tiny house is laid out very well, other then the way it is set up to climb into the loft.
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Custom Tiny House Cabin with Curb Appeal

Custom Tiny Home Cabin with Curb Appeal | Subscribe Now

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Ben and Melody’s Texas Tiny House Video Tour

Benjamin and Melody Pahlow have been missionaries helping widows with children in Uganda since 2003. While away in Africa, they still had to pay the bills in their 2,800 square feet home while away. Recently, they decided to sell everything they own and buy a tiny house so they have next-to-no bills while away. They commissioned Tennessee Tiny Homes to build their tiny house and had it delivered to Frisco, Texas. Ben was kind enough to give us a video tour of his, Melody's and their daughter hope's tiny house dubbed “Casa de la Esperanza.” Please consider donating to their cause by helping a family in need at For tiny houses listed for sale, please visit



In this video, we visit a sustainable residential development where tiny houses are going to be legal! The development, which is called “Les Hameaux de la Source” is located in Lantier, Québec, Canada. Mat and I were on site for the 2016 Tiny House Festival and were excited to learn more about this project.

The goal of the development is to create a space where people can own and live in affordable and sustainable housing. One of the ways they’re going to make this a reality is by changing the building code for the development so that one section has a minimum building size of 350 square feet, up to 900 square feet. The second section of the development is more experimental and they’ve made space for a 6-house tiny house on wheels residential area. If it goes well, it sounds like they’ll make space for more tiny homes on wheels.

We spoke to a handful of future residents who plan to live in small houses, and in tiny houses, and they’re all excited at the prospect of being able to live in small spaces where it’s legal to do so, so that they won’t have to worry about investing in a home and/or a property that they could get kicked out of, and they don’t have to worry about where to park a tiny house either.

Another reason the residents are excited about this particular development is that there's communal land for each 6-house hamlet that will allow residents to experiment with community gardens, small farms, permaculture, and more. There’s also a large portion of the entire property that will be kept wild. It feels like this space will become a very well organized eco village with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity from everyone living there.

We hope this development goes well and that it becomes a template that other communities can use to integrate affordable, small, and sustainable housing in order to give people of all means access to housing that suits their needs.

For more information about the Hameaux de la Source (Spring Hamlets) development by Habitat Multi-Generations, check out their website (french only) here:

Tiny House Festival in Lantier, Québec, Canada:

Tiny House Quebec/Mini-maison Québec Facebook Page:

A special thank you to Maxime from Mini-Maison Québec, and Didier Merette Dufresne for taking the time to chat with us about the small homes they’re building. Thank you to Claude, the Tiny House Festival organizer this year for the press passes. And finally, a special thank you to Alex and Tatianna, and Caro for making cameo appearances in the video 🙂

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Modern Tiny Houses

Stunning picture collection of modern tiny homes.

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“We the Tiny House People” trailer

Full movie here:

I stumbled into the Small House Movement by accident of location- my parents live within miles of the tiny house poster boy Jay Shafer and his 89 square foot home-, but within a couple of years I had become a part of it as one of the few, and perhaps only, videographers documenting small shelters on a regular basis. When I first interviewed Shafer, he was one of just a handful of “Tiny House People” visible to the press. In the past 3 years I've helped turn a handful of inhabitants of small shelters into micro-celebrities (currently, 5 of my tiny home videos have over 1 million views; a couple have more than 3 million).

After filming hundreds of hours of tape, I am now telling my version on the tiny house story in the forth-coming documentary We the Tiny House People (Release date: April 23, 2012). I'm reluctant to claim there's some sort of magic in small abodes- I'm sure some people are watching simply for the “house porn” (as Shafer describes it)-, but it's obvious these stripped-down shelters reveal for us the essence of home, and for many, make it a bit easier to “suck the marrow out of life”.

More info on original story:

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Rio Grande Gooseneck Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny House

A military family of three living in El Paso, TX (with a 4th currently on the way!) ((as well as one dog and one cat)) commissioned this beautiful custom tiny house on a gooseneck trailer. Designed,built, and delivered by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses of Durango, Colorado, this 32′ total length tiny house was built in 6 weeks at an approximate cost of $60,000 and weighed in at 11,500 lbs. This is the abridged video tour without commentary. For the tour with commentary please visit More information at


Tumbleweed Tiny House in New Orleans

After Hurricane Katrine, Derek was forced to relocate into a FEMA trailer, like so many others in New Orleans. After living in the cheap RV, he knew his next tiny abode would be made from high quality materials and customized to fit his lifestyle. That’s why Derek chose to build and modify Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans, just like we did!

He originally built his tiny house as a week day living space, so that he wouldn’t have to commute into the city from his suburban home. After living in it for awhile, Derek saved enough money and was able to purchase a large home in town for his growing family. His tiny home is now parked in the backyard and used as a guest house.

After building the “NOLA Tiny House” with his father, Derek says it holds a special place in his heart. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get rid of it, but perhaps it will evolve overtime as his family expands.

Full story here:


Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Plans – As Low as 3 Payment of $253. Choose Among 7 Floor Plans, FREE Study Plans with purchase + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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Building your own Hawaii minimal house for a vacation’s cost

Kristie Wolfe spent $5000 to build herself a tiny home on wheels in her hometown of Pocatello, Idaho. It started off as a yearlong experiment in simple living, but she liked it so much she decided to keep living small, not only in Idaho, but she began looking for land to build a tiny vacation home.
She bought a plot of land in Hawaii sight-unseen for $8000. A year later she bought a plane ticket, packed her bags full of tools and with the help of her mother, began to build a bamboo “treehouse” that to fit the surrounding jungle (though rather than using trees for support, she built it on stilts). After two months of building every day “from dawn to dusk” and an $11,000 investment, she had a second home.
For Wolfe, the fact that it’s small- 15’ by 15’ or 225 square feet- is an asset. “My original house was 97 square feet so that was really tiny so this feels huge… I think small homes are beautiful because it fits with my lifestyle. I think having a lot of stuff mentally weighs you down even in ways that you don’t realize.”
Building her own home meant that Kristie was able to design everything custom: from a toilet-sink to save water (she’s not only off-grid, but she relies on rainwater capture for water) to an indoor/outdoor shower with cork-bark tiling. Whether she ever moves here permanently or simply moves on to building yet another home, she now knows she can build her own shelter.

Filming credit: Ivan Nanney at Travel Movements

Kristie's blog:

Original story:


Tiny House Tour that Houses Family of Four

A tour of our tiny house. Built on Tumbleweed principles, we bought this 272sq ft house already built, then hauled it across the state and parked it in a garden. We bought it fully functional but very bare bones. We did major remodels to suit our personalities and needs. We have enjoyed living in our home for the last year and a half but the recent fourth edition to our family is making it feel more cramped. We will be moving soon. Hope you enjoy!


Tiny House With Two Sleeping Lofts!

Beautiful Two Loft Tin House

Let's take a tour of Cedric, the Tiny House! Cedric is a charming Tiny House who in a previous life was actually a house truck. The space has been wonderfully converted into a very functional living area with kitchen, bathroom and a lovely lounge.

Impressively, Cedric boasts two sleeping lofts, meaning that the house can very comfortably sleep two couples or could even be suitable for a family.

To see more of this lovely Tiny House (and others) visit our website:

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Tall law student, tiny house: bachelor builds dorm on wheels

When Joel Fleck moved home to after college, he wanted his own place, but he didn’t want to pay the steep Sonoma County rents, so he decided to build his own tiny home on a trailer. Inspired by wee house pioneer Jay Shafer (also from Sebastopol), Fleck bought an abandoned trailer from a neighbor for $300 and began building without plans.

To make up for his lack of construction experience he “over-engineered” the build, though the entire build cost him just $25,000. He found a lot of salvaged material and this didn’t include the cost of his labor of two years. Many of the details are custom hacks, like the swinging ladder up to his loft crafted from steel cables, chunks of 2 by 4s and “in order to eliminate the swaying I made it so it clips into the floor on these little airline clips”.

Fleck is 6’4” so much of the home was custom-built for him. He gave himself just an inch or so clearance in his kitchen and a few inches while sitting in his lofted bedroom. His bathroom is a tighter fit: the shower is just 6’2” so he had to build a special box above it to fit his head. Fleck doesn’t see his 150-square-foot home as a sacrifice, but a right-sized home and study space.

Original story:


“American Liberty” Off Grid Tiny House crafted by Incredible Very small Houses

Off Grid Tiny House

I can't believe how big this Off Grid Tiny House is in there and everything. We got in there I can't believe it. Welcome to 7 Travis – Forever and a day guys were here incredible tiny homes with Randy Jones and he's going to take us on a tour of one of the most awesome tiny houses I've ever seen. Bill let's take a look at it now welcome to another incredible home by incredible County homes and my name is Randy Jones and this is our issue of wood called American freedom and we kind of come with that idea with the help of Lucas and it is a solar energy and off the grid construction company that come in and help us install our solar.

Dre, this is Off Grid Tiny House we can actually take this and park it and run completely not even hooked up to the electrical and one other one more feature we may at is just a water water holding facility or tank that'll keep you completely off for a while. So, let me give you a tour of it and show you everything that we've done this is a conventional built Home two before construction cheated on the outside with 5/8 plywood all the way around then on top of that we put a wooden barrier wrapped in a twin bed then on top of that course we got harassed at the barn wood we've got our corrugated metal behind that it's all silicone screwed off and you prewash screws so before we even put this on here it was already waterproof din ready to go we could have painted the plywood and been done but we didn't we just wanted to make it give this this this decor.



128 Sq. Foot Small Household on Wheels Tour at Vermont Home Demonstrate

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (, Creator of “Microshelters” and “Humble Houses, Uncomplicated Shacks”), provides us a one-just take impromptu tour of a model new tiny house on wheels that was developed and intended by Domenic Mangano of the Jamaica Cottage Store in Vermont ( This tiny house is photo voltaic powered, has a compact gasoline sizzling drinking water heater, a loft with dormers, and a relatively roomy lavatory (with a shower and composting toilet) for such a compact house. Domenic and his organization have been making tiny houses, cabins, and sheds for 20 several years now.


Nelson Tiny House Movement Tour

Nelson Tiny House Movement Tour


Hello I'm Seth and behind the camera there is Tobias and we are from Nelson tiny houses in Nelson BC and today were really excited to share with you our latest model its the Acorn house.

The footprint of the Acorn is 120 square feet. The overall width is eight and a half and overall height from the ground to the very tip is 14 and a half which is a foot too much for the highway travel so you do need to get an oversize permit for it but that's quite a simple and cheap process. These houses are not meant to be RVs are not meant to be driven all around there meant to be taken to a spot and then situated on some sort of either temporary or permanent foundation. Of course it can be later moved again if need be but they're not meant to be just driving around which is going to take a lot of gas.

Let's go inside and have a little tiny tour of the Acorn.

Seth Reidy of Nelson Tiny House gives a tour of the firm's delight and pleasure, the Acorn Dwelling.


Peter & Shannon’s Very small Dwelling Tour

Peter and Shannon clearly show off their modern little house style and talk about their experiences with developing it and dwelling in it so much.

Some notes:
The little house was crafted and furnished for fewer than $twenty,000.
The measurement is 8.5′ vast by 20′ very long.
It was crafted in just beneath 2 several years, doing the job mostly on weekends.
We made use of a dump truck to transfer it due to the fact we experienced access to a dump truck and it just created the transfer incredibly simple.

See extra at


Alysha St.Germain – Dwelling in a Small Household

Welcome to Alysha's “tiny home” in Crimson Bluff, CA.

When her partner died tragically, struck down by most cancers in his early 30's right after doing the job on U.S. Air Pressure weaponry, young mother Alysha St. Germain made the decision to adopt a way of living that she only experienced contemplated in concept up until finally that level. She was previously anxious by how cumbersome owning way too considerably things and owing way too considerably cash could be, but faced out of the blue with the obligation to raise her two young kids on your own, she made the decision to adopt a way of living of minimized investing, minimized waste and aware residing. She acquired a tiny home — created by architect Todd Miller from Eugene, Oregon (who will also be showcased in this collection) — and fully commited to shedding all the belongings she felt she failed to really require. Alysha is now renting her family's former home for income and along with the tiny home her two kids adore, what she also acquired is time and liberty to go after the things in daily life that definitely make any difference to her, though supplying the planet a break at the exact same time.


210 Sq. Foot Modern Day Tiny House Property- WITH NO LOFT!

Modern Day Tiny House

In this episode/tour, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV, Little Yellow Property, and The Do it yourself Community), travels to Washington DC and the 3-small-property compound of Boneyard Studios, to go to the micro fashionable house of Brian Levy- “The Minim Property”. This house has some Excellent house efficiency strategies within just it, from its trundle bed and seating combo, to its “plug in” and multipurpose table/espresso table. Its 1 of the additional fashionable small homes/residences out there, and wonderful crafted- and was just lately showcased in Dwell Journal as properly!


Why Tiny House Living is Fun

Why Tiny House Living is Fun

Why Tiny House Living is Fun and small interiors and tiny houses have become very fashionable among new home owners. The author believes that the idea of living in small places may take time getting use to but many argue in their favor of it and the ideal uses of ​​the these small rational spaces.

It is believed that such a small structure consumes little material, so you can use environmentally friendly natural wood not only for walls and floors, but also for furniture. People with modest incomes argue that the reduction of living space is a way of life in which they feel at ease and comfortable.

Many green initiative believers are big advocates miniature homes, seeking to reduce damage to the environment. In a small space, you can put everything you need for a comfortable life.

Over the household living area you can create a second level bedroom reached by vertical ladder and a separate the kitchen off from the living room make it nice and cozy.

Interior Design Tiny House

Supporters of the Tiny House movement lead a number of arguments in favor of the Interior small homes. In big houses we have many rooms that are not used every day, but the energy for lighting and heating, as well as the time spent on cleaning time is a big waste.

To reduce the area to 100 square meters for lighting and appliances will be sufficient to install solar panels. Natural lighting of the upper tier is carried out by small windows from floor to ceiling and in the end of the structure. It is convenient to use the openings in the roof.

Skylights in the interior of the bedroom Tiny House

Tiny House living is fun for couples and the single person looking for a quite small living space, above all, the right to decide on priorities and tastes is not difficult at all. One might need a sauna, another a well-equipped kitchen, and others regularly take guests and need extra beds and it is all up to you to decide on.

Every one of these tiny houses in their own way is a dream home. Tiny homes require lower construction costs and the mortgage can be paid in the short term, or do without it. Low cost of living makes it possible to raise the money to start their own business or travel.

The list of owners of Tiny Homes should not really include families with children, because the child is dynamic and requires a lot of space to play and develop.

The interior in the style studio. Long a podium has drawers for storage. Top fit the mattress and pillows, get a sofa that, if necessary, can be extended using a free surface. Worktop fixed to the wall and lying, for eating or working. Above the TV screen and over the shelf speakers, Video and green spaces.

Living Tiny House

The tiny house is difficult to make a mess because there are no unnecessary items, only the desired and loved all the space and furniture is left to chance, is used functionally. But the big group of friends gathering impossible, even for a noisy party place is small.

Use the loft as a bedroom could only healthy people for whom the vertical ladder to the second floor without railings is not a difficult obstacle. In a well-organized small space no extra items and all surfaces are minimized. Bring them in order can be a few minutes.

Interior Design kitchen area Tiny House

From the point of view of economy, low costs this would allow a Tiny Home owner to be able to change from a higher more stressful high-paying job to a less stressful one. Tiny homes are a favorite of Artists and Travelers. Travel lovers can easily close their small house and go on a trip if they want to.

Statistics confirm that the small property owners spend more time outdoors. Those fortunate enough to have a house in the village go to it to prepare and rest, rest of the time spend in nature. Yes, and they communicate with their neighbors much more, create clubs, organize picnics, festivals, common events.

When you are not burdened with the care of a large home, it is easier to begin to fulfill desires you maybe couldn't have owning a larger home. You can go to visit the grandchildren or meet with your classmates in a different city. Not being burdened with the costs of large housing maintenance you could start that business you have always dreamed about, do some things you love, because most people have a hobby, and always short of time and money.

Natural wood, lacquered, its appearance will adorn any room. For those who travels a lot, enough to have a sink and shower in the hallway, bedroom of a small kitchen to know that it has its own area where they can always come back and that does not require much attention.

Tiny House Entrance

A dream house may have a different structure, but much depends on the climate. In the southern areas can shower and even arrange a kitchen in the yard. Solar cope with all the energy costs. In the north, where the cold and fierce winter, should take care of the stove, place of firewood, and all the facilities have to be inside the walls. But skiing can ski right from the door.

Thick walls, canopy over the entrance to the porch is not covered with snow, a high base or pile and devices for storing firewood or coal in a readily accessible place. Windows is better to put out glass for the northern regions and in the center of the hearth to warm the rear wall street.

Exterior Tiny House

Outside shower requires minimal space and can be made as a stockade with a shelf for soap and gel. Use can be in any area in the warmer months.

Outside shower in the courtyard Tiny House

The idea of ​​creating the second level is attractive and requires a good analysis. How long are your age and health will enable you to use wooden stairs, standing upright and cope with the rise of your guests. You can use a folding furniture and interiors to create transformers, need at the moment.

Design with beams of boards does not limit the space available allows light and zoned kitchen. To prepare the food a high ceiling is not needed, even in big houses and designers are trying to land it with the understatement of the ceiling and various designs.

Staircase in the interior Tiny House

Those people who can not quickly switch to small interiors, it is desirable to recall the childhood, the house and the room in which they grew up. Now you have the opportunity to have a little home of your own and live separately from other family members who go by their own rules and routines.

Wide enough to put a mattress on the floor, because it is wooden and warm. High ceiling does not need to sleep, so the house can have one and a half floors. Motley pad and colored covers replacement decor.

The bedroom in the attic Tiny House

Starting small interior design, analyze their habits and needs. What do you like to cook. For complex dishes you need the appropriate equipment in the kitchen. Power semi will limit the stove and microwave with a minimum work area.

Home sauna can be 2 seats and occupy a very small area, it is best to place next to the shower or to combine. You can even order a ready-made kits and install. The stove takes up little space in the corner, and hung on the wall of ladle and pot holders look great as decoration

The stove in the kitchen interior Tiny House

If you work at home, care should be taken to create jobs. This is a table with a computer or a comfortable chair for needlework and appropriate lighting.

Workplace Tiny House

Heating and Gas Equipment has established rules on the minimum requirements for the area and the presence of the door, should not be placed above and below the living room. Check out all the standards in the construction of residential buildings and create a sketch project that professionals can look at to finalize the details. Modern technologies allow to drill a well to a greater depth and make water. Modern septic simplify draining sewage. Alternative energy sources will help to build a house in the woods with all the modern conveniences.

This is Why Tiny House Living is Fun! Learn how to build your Dream Tiny House with these amazing plans available for a short time only at a huge discount.

Nelson Little Houses Acorn two Tour

Seth Reidy from Nelson Little Houses normally takes you on a tour of our next Acorn Residence. It is an off-the-grid, trailer-certain natural beauty that is ready to reside in.

Verify us out at:
Or speak to Seth at:

Right here are some characteristics:

– a hundred thirty five sq. ft. footprint additionally lofts
– 120v and 12v electrical techniques
Solar package for off-grid living
– Propane on-desire h2o, cookstove and heater
– eleven,000 BTU Dickinson heater
– “Superb” RV roof ventilator
– R twenty-30 wintertime-ready flooring, walls and ceilings with soy-dependent foam insulation
– Whole entertainment system: flat-display Tv, automobile stereo, surround-sound speakers, HDMI capability
– Gable roof with dormers
– Queen-dimension sleeping loft additionally storage loft
– Hand-crafted dual-function ladder
– 6 opening windows
– Canadian maple flooring
– Wet-space shower with RV bathroom
– Foldable protected entrance porch with LED lights and outside plug
– ICBC inspected and insured – road ready with managing lights
– Loads of storage
– Clean h2o storage with 12v pump
– Custom made home furnishings built with reclaimed supplies


Tiny home packs storage stairs, two lofts, tub in 136 sq ft

Julie Olson desired a touring home for her cell canine coaching small business. With no architecture coaching, she drew up ideas for precisely what she desired and sent them to Jason Dietz of Molecule Tiny Properties. Above a few of months he developed her home to her technical specs: a fold-out porch, storage stairs, two lofts (one for sleeping, one for storage or two sleeping quarters), a trim closet, and a rest room with tub, composting bathroom, tiny sink and escape window/doorway for viewing character.

The 136-square-foot home can run wholly off grid with rooftop photovoltaic panels, solar batteries, a propane tank and a tankless water heater. Total value was $forty five,000, but Dietz states you could convey that down by about half if you developed it you. Aspect of the reason little houses on wheels value more per square foot is because they call for structural help to endure on the highway. The home was developed in Santa Cruz, California and it created its very first vacation about three,000 miles to Maine the place Olson moved in with her cats and canine to travel and review.

Molecule Tiny Properties:

Original tale: at/tiny-home-packs-storage-stairs-two-lofts-tub-in-136-sq-ft/


Why Tiny Houses are Awesome

See why Tiny Houses are Awesome in this video by Derek Diedricksen. He has liked little homes for many years now and here he'll shown you a Tiny Home of Lester Walker’s “Tiny Very small Houses” as a 10 12 months aged. It was the exact same 12 months he created his initial “non-fort little house” (complete with insulation, electrical energy, bunk beds), mowing lawns to increase the cash for the two-by-fours.


Virtually a few many years later and he’s still building and has turned his childhood passion into a occupation. He operates just one of the primary little property weblogs (, has authored a graphic novel/ Do-it-yourself instruction handbook “Humble Houses, Very simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts”, hosts little property building workshops (his upcoming is Nov 22-23 in Carolina Beach, NC), builds little shelters/treehouses for clientele and even raps about the genre (e.g. in his audio movie Lollipop Fort of Dying).

Folks Try Residing In A Small Household

“What would be a very good password to get in listed here? Owl Magic!”

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BA Norrgard- Small Household Owner

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Garrett Werner
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Breathtaking DIY Cottage Tiny Home Revisited

DIY Cottage Tiny Home

It's been a year since we previous caught up with Shay and Tom in their DIY Cottage Tiny Home and because that been some time, a great deal has transformed! Their tiny abode has remodeled into a superb home for their developing family members, which now includes newborn daughter Hazel.

In this episode we tour their remodeled home, and obtain out what it truly is like residing in their Very small Home a person year on.

For more info on this Very small Home, like exactly where to down load designs, take a look at our web-site:

If you would like to build a DIY Cottage Tiny Home like theirs please check out our article on How to Build a Tiny House with Plans.


We The Tiny House People (Documentary)


Tiny House People

Television producer and Online-video temperament Kirsten Dirksen invitations us on her journey into the Tiny House People looking for simplicity, self-sufficiency, minimalism and contentment by creating shelter in caves, transformed garages, trailers, instrument sheds, river boats and previous pigeon coops.

— “This remarkable recalibration of what it signifies to live the great lifetime”- TreeHugger
— “For those people who obtain them selves dumbfounded, perplexed and curious relating to how men and women can make day-to-day-use of really little areas.” – The Blaze
— “The documentary focuses on the new fad sweeping American — Tiny House People residing in Tiny Houses.” – Weekly Planet News
— “The issue is interesting.” – Administrators Live

Checkout How to Build a Tiny House —->>>>  How To Build A Tiny House!

Kirsten Dirksen is co-founder of and a Huffington Post blogger. She has worked for MTV, Oxygen, The Vacation Channel and Sundance Channel. Her documentaries include things like “Browsing for Da Vinci's Mystery” and “Translating Genocide: Journey to Sudan”. “We the Tiny Residence People” is her initially documentary to premiere on youtube.

Documentary runtime: one:21:47
Release: 2012
Director/producer/writer/shooter/editor: Kirsten Dirksen
Thought & added shooting/producing: Nicolás Boullosa Guerrero

Characteristics: Jay Shafer (Tumbleweed Tiny Residence Enterprise), Austin Hay, Jenine Alexander (Forge Forward Development), Stephen Marshall (Minimal Residence on the Trailer), Suchin Pak (MTV, Hester Road Reasonable), Graham Hill (TreeHugger, LifeEdited), Felice Cohen, Luke Clark Tyler, Eric Schneider, Michael Chen (Typical Initiatives), Sarah Dickinson & family, Henri Grevellec, Matthieu de Marien (Fabre/deMarien Architects), Jérémie Buchholtz, Eva Prats (Flores Prats Architects), Christian Schallert, Pascual Alberola, Jorge Cortés (Enproyecto Arquitectura), Johnny Sanphillippo, Heather Wilcoxon



Tiny House on Wheels in 4 Months for only $22,000

Tiny House on Wheels!

For a Cost-free 7 Working day Very small House Construction ECourse, please simply click on url: To seem at the options for Dwelling, please go to:

presents the “Dwelling” tour. Our 221 SF (+128SF in lofts) was self made and built very small property on a 28′ trailer. Built for $22k ($33k such as all cabinets and appliances), our very small property feels roomy, roomy and totally livable. Finest property we have ever lived in! 🙂 Through this video clip we acquire you via the whole very small property, showing each and every nook and cranny and structure capabilities that are functioning so perfectly. Compared with most cottagey very small houses, Dwelling has a cleanse, modern feel.


Eclectic Eco-Helpful Little Residence with Two Lofts

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Little Residence with Two Lofts

In this video clip, we toured Anita's Eco-Helpful tiny property in Portland, Oregon. The Lilypad options two lofts and 5 rooms in much less than 250 sq. toes! The innovative curved roof permits five foot tall Anita to stand on both of those concentrations. We ended up blown away with the Lilypad's eclectic decor and various eco-options. Enjoy!



Simple How to Build a Tiny House

Simple How to Build a Tiny Home using our Tiny House Plans!

After many requests for our how to build a tiny house plans, here they finally are! We've been living in our Tiny House for over a year now – and we love it! We've named her Lucy and she's beautiful 🙂

If you think our tiny house is beautiful too and you would like one just like her – these framing plans will show you how it's done with our easy to follow How to Build a Tiny House plans.

 What Are You Getting When You Buy Our How to Build a Tiny House Plans?

If you purchase these tiny house framing plans we'll show you both 2D and 3D pictures for the framing of the entire tiny trailer house. That includes the sub floor, bottom floor, top floor, loft and roof. Also included is the Google Sketch-up file for these plans so that you can play around and make any modifications you might want to make. The plans are provided in both metric and imperial units.

Here's a selection of pages included in Lucy's plans to give you an example of how we've done the drawings…

How to Build a Tiny House

Lucy's Basic Measurements

These tiny trailer house plans are based on the trailer we used for lucy. The trailer measures 7.2m by 2.4m (23'7.5″ by 7'10.5″) giving a floor area of 17.3m2 (186 sqft) and is rated to carry 3.5 tonnes. The total height of the timber framing is 3743mm (12'3″). It was designed for the additional height of the trailer and roof cladding to be below 4.25m (13'11”) the legal limit in New Zealand. As far as we are aware, this would make it legal in most other countries.

These framing plans were designed by us after researching how to build using timber framing. They have worked beautifully for us. However, they were not drawn by an architect and they haven't been checked by an engineer.

Framing plans come as a 44 page pdf file which requires adobe acrobat or similar to view. Also available for download is copy of the 3d model as an skp file. You will need the free google sketch-up to use this file. After purchasing you will be taken to a page with the framing plans and the sketch-up model which you can download immediately.

Customize The Internal Space To Suit Your Life

These framing plans give you the structure for this tiny house… What you do once the framing is done is up to you. How would you customise the space in your tiny house? This is what we have done and you could do the same…

Seat 8 People in The Spacious Lounge

We've comfortably had 8 adults seated in our tiny house. The corner couch is built to seat 6, the armchair seats one more and the bottom step of the storage stairs doubles as an extra seat for the 8th person. Friends always comment on how cozy and comfortable the space is – visitors often say they don't want to leave!

How to Build a Tiny House


Work From Home (Like Shayne Does) Thanks to a Dedicated Office Space

Shayne runs an online recovery program for women who have bulimia. Most of the work is computer based and with our little baby Hazel to look after it makes sense to work from home. We've set up a dedicated office space so that Shaye can easily juggle being a mom and helping the women in her program.

How to Build a Tiny House

How to Build a Tiny House

How to Build a Tiny House


Cook up a storm in the functional (but beautiful!) Kitchen

One thing that always amazes us about our tiny house is how easy it is to use our kitchen. Prior to living in here we rented a studio that was 4 times the size of Lucy. Despite being bigger, the kitchen was awful to use! It felt seriously tiny. Lucy is a far smaller building but her kitchen is well designed and feels large. We often cook meals together and it's just awesome 🙂

How to Build a Tiny House

And check out our convenient ‘Mason Jar Sized' Storage Designed Into The Internal Stud Wall. This is actually part of the framing and so you'll see it included in Lucys internal framing plans.

tiny house kitchen


Stretch Out in The Shower – It's Full Size!

We may live in a tiny house but we did not want a tiny shower! Lucys bathroom is large enough for a full sized shower so that we can stretch out and wash away the mud from the hours we spend in the garden 🙂

tiny house bathroom

… And there's plenty of space for whatever style toilet you choose – flushing or composting. We also built in some storage for bathroom essentials and a washing basket.

tiny house bathroom

Snuggle Up In The Spacious Sleeping Loft

We love sleeping up in the loft. It's spacious enough to comfortably sit up (Tom is 6 foot and there is space to spare) but at the same time it's super cozy. Our beautiful little girl Hazel sleeps in her Moses basket beside us. And if you're wondering if there's space to do ‘other' things in the loft… Of course – how do you think Hazel was made? Okay TMI, sorry!!

tiny house sleeping loft

Keep Your Tiny House Tidy Thanks To Ample Storage Space

Shaye was convinced she would accidentally kill herself if we accessed the loft via a ladder… so for her, it was a total No-No. We decided to use storage stairs instead and think it's one of the most awesome features of our house.

tiny house storage stairs

We also decided to utilize the lounge area by adding a corner couch containing 6 large drawers beneath. Our ottoman also opens up for yet more storage!

tiny house storage

We also have an additional ‘Mini-Loft' Perfect for those ‘extra' things that you don't use as often. (Like the pre-pregnancy clothes that Shaye says she will fit again one day 😉 The mini storage loft is part of the framing and so you'll see it included in Lucys loft framing plans.

tiny house storage loft

Large Windows and a French Door Keep The House Light and Airy

When people walk into our tiny house one of the first thing they say (after “I could live here!”) is “It's so light and airy!”. This is thanks to the beautiful french door and large windows – something that is quite uncommon in other tiny houses we've seen. We've added a little porch outside our French door which makes for a nice indoor/outdoor flow.

tiny trailer house

tiny trailer house

tiny trailer house

High Ceilings Make The Tiny House Feel Grand!

The funny thing about our tiny house is that the ceilings are actually higher than in any of our friends houses! Standard ceiling height is 2.4 meters (7.8 foot) and the ceiling height over the lounge/office area in Lucy is over 3 meters (9.8 foot)! This makes our tiny house feel MUCH bigger than it actually is!

tiny trailer house

Live A Happy Life 🙂

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” – That's what tiny house living is all about… Being happy and satisfied with the simple blessings in life. Getting rid of all the ‘fluff' in your life to allow you to focus on your simple blessings and enjoy them every day.

By requiring less, you require less money. This enables you to spend fewer hours working and more time doing what you love most. Or, as in our case – it enables us to work in jobs we love (Shaye as a bulimia recovery mentor and Tom is currently learning to be a natural builder) – we don't earn as much as we would if we got work in our trained fields – but that's okay… We have more than enough, thanks to the way we live – part of which is Tiny House Living.

Our little family might live in a tiny house – but we live a happy life 🙂

tiny house family

To purchase our tiny cottage house plans just click the button below 🙂

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Super Easy to Build Tiny House Plans

Get Started On Your Easy to Build Tiny House Plans!

Almost anyone can afford and be proud of Building their very own Tiny Home.

Easy to Build Tiny House Plans

This tiny house design-build video workshop shows how simple it is… 

Here’s the link to the best tiny house plans available today. If you want the very best in tiny house plans your going to have to pay a little more but they are well worth the investment if you want your home built right. Tumbleweed easy to Build Tiny House Plans

Very nice! I would love to see your tiny house but we live up here in Montana. I have a dream of building something like this someday.

The Tumbleweed workshop covers:

  • The step by step design process
  • Plans for the tiny house I built
  • Alternative designs and materials
  • Get through building sticking points
  • Where to get inspiration
  • Translate your paper drawings to Google Sketch Up
  • Create your shopping list and cut costs
  • How to work with a trailer
  • The one step you can’t complete alone and how to do the rest
  • Plenty of mistakes to avoid
  • Even electrical and plumbing is covered
  • Where to go for help

Fellow Tiny House Enthusiast,

Seeing my tumbleweed tiny house pull out of the driveway and around the corner, I wondered if I might feel the same way someday seeing a child go off to college for the first time.

Then the doubts crept in… will the trailer hold up? Will the siding hold up? Will something break? Will that old suburban make the trip?

If you’re thinking of building a tiny house, I can relate. I’ve actually done it.

Tumbleweed Plans

And I made some mistakes

Some, I caught before it was too late. Some I didn’t. Some were easy to fix. Some cost a few extra bucks I would have rather not had to shell out.

If you’re planning to build a tiny house, learn from others’ mistakes. Personally, I wish there had been more resources available.

I got the books and read the websites. I could have invested the $475 plus travel for the live workshop but I didn’t. I figured I wasn’t trying to build an expensive tiny house so why bother.

Dream BIG, go tiny at a 2-Day Tumbleweed workshop. Find a Tumbleweed workshop near you.

The resource I wished I’d had

I’ve since gotten a set of official tiny house plans from Tumbleweed after so many trials and errors trying to build on my own, I haven't looked back since. They were the best plans found anywhere on the web.

My trailer was slightly different. I would have wanted to have made alterations. There was no information on alternate materials. I don’t want a dang boat heater in Texas but I do want an AC unit.

Don’t get me wrong. If I were going to hire someone to build a tiny house to look exactly like a certain style, I would have wanted those plans for the contractor to follow. But I’m no contractor and in the end I could of had Tumbleweed build it for me cheaper and faster.

I’d argue what makes tiny houses unique from everything else are that you build them individually for individuals. No one will be mass producing them for the foreseeable future. Each one is custom tailored and one set of plans can only take you so far.

I was no expert

I’d never used a miter saw (aka chop saw) before I started this project. I’d seen one used and I knew how to use a circular saw so I figured that was good enough. I knew if I started and kept working, I’d eventually figure it out.

I didn’t know about framing, drywall, wiring or plumbing. I figured it all out along the way. And I made some boneheaded mistakes along the way. You’ll have my experience to build on to save yourself the frustration.

At first glance, I questioned whether I had anything to share since I’m not a contractor or design professional of any kind. Then I realized that’s exactly where many tiny house builders start out. Maybe they’d see that if I could do it, you can too.

Now that I’ve finished, I went back and created the resource I wish I’d had before I started building.

Since there’s no risk, Click the order button below:

Order Your Tumbleweed Plans Now!