How to Build a Raised Garden Bed. THE ULTIMATE Pallet Wood Vegetable Garden.

How to easily build a raised garden bed out of wooden pallets for free! …Well almost free. Building a raised vegetable garden with pallets or reclaimed wood is a really rewarding experience. The garden bed idea out of pallets came about from the fact that l wanted to build a rustic looking raised garden bed. A vegetable garden bed that not only provides delicious food, but looks good at the same time. The recycled wood has come from hardwood timber pallets that have been sourced totally FREE of charge!

I've always wanted to build a raised vegetable garden bed so stay tuned to this video.
The garden beds will be approx. 2.4 metres (8 foot) long x 1.2metres (4 foot) wide.

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Materials and Tools Required for Constructing a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed out of Wooden Pallets with sides of 380mm (15 inches) high and 2400mm (94 inches) long are;

Three to Four Hardwood Pallets. (Free)
Two Packets (100 screws per packet) of 40mm Outdoor Screws to build your Panels.
One Packet of 65mm (50 per Packet) Out door Screws to attach your Panels to each other. $8.00

Drop Saw, Hand Saw or Circular Saw.
Cordless Drill with size 2 Phillips Head Bit.
Drill bit for drilling pilot holes. The drill bit needs to be smaller in diameter than the screw you are using.
An Electric Planer (if you plan to dress your timber).
A Square.
A Bar Clamp (used for pulling the boards together if you want a tight fit prior to screwing together)
A Tape Measure.
A Nail Punch.
A Hammer.
A Pencil.
A Shovel and a,
Spirit Level.

Extras if Desired:
One length of 25mm Poly Pipe at 3 metres long and two 20mm lengths of 3 metre Poly Pipe (used for bird netting support). $20.00
One packet of 25mm galvanized pipe brackets (to secure the Poly Pipe). $6.00
Bird Netting. $15.00
One Roll of Garden Mat. $12.00
One tin (1 litre) of water based oil. $25.00

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Uncle Knackers.

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Rhubarb pallet garden just started

Water cycling system just started on the rhubarb. This keeps it watered and keeps the nutrients flowing and cycling back to the plants so they will be happy all the time. This pallet garden is under an apple tree which would ordinarily suck all the water and nutrients away from the rhubarb. Not this time though!




Why You Should Never Buy Liquid Hydroponic Gardening Nutrients

John from interviews special guest, Josh Cunnings from the Boogie Brew Compost Tea Company on why you are getting ripped off when you purchase liquid hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers.

In this episode, you will learn why Josh dislikes liquid hydroponic nutrients as well as other liquids shipped around the world in single use plastic jugs or bottles.

You will discover Josh's Zero Bottle Nutrient Program that will enable you to save money and grow better plants by making your own nutrients and organic fertilizers for your plants.

You will discover the concentrated alternatives to the liquid fertilizers and how you can make them for your plants for pennies per gallon.

You will learn a variety of fertilizers you can purchase in dried form and activate it yourself with your filtered water.

Watch the Plastic Planet Documentary at:

Learn how to create your own Open Source Compost Tea

Learn more about and purchase the dry solid nutrients at:

Welcome back, GYG'ers!


Make a rustic wheelbarrow garden planter. Easy DIY weekend project.

This is a decorative planter for the garden made out of pallet wood. It's a super easy project you can make in a day or so using basic tools.

More information about this project and download free plans:

Make a rustic wheelbarrow for the garden


Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday.

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How to Repurpose Milk Jugs | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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Looking for a fun craft activity to do with your children? Why not turn some old milk containers into reusable lunch boxes! Today, Allen's friend Ben shows you just how fun and easy it is to repurpose common household items.

Have any questions for P. Allen Smith? Leave your comments and questions below!

Practical tips for style, comfort and sustainable living from designer and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith. Allen dissects style and function to reveal the tips that will take your home and garden to the next level.

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P. Allen Smith is an award-winning designer and lifestyle expert and host of two public television programs, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home, P. Allen Smith's Garden to Table and the syndicated 30-minute show P. Allen Smith Gardens. Smith is one of America's most recognized and respected design experts, providing ideas and inspiration through multiple media venues. He is the author of the best-selling Garden Home series of books published by Clarkson Potter/Random House, including Bringing the Garden Indoors: Container, Crafts and Bouquets for Every Room and P. Allen Smith's Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. Allen is also very active on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Allen's Blog and YouTube as well as on the new eHow Home channel debuting January, 2012. His design and lifestyle advice is featured in several national magazines. Learn more at


Hydroponics Peppers — Deep Water Culture — CFL — DIY – Homemade

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Homemade vertical (A-Frame) hydroponic system Facebook

By Greenerways (
This system sits on a 6'x10′ foot print,holds 168 plants & can be easily moved or transported.
I'm currently growing basil
For J-hook Or pipe brackets……… Home Depot Model #HD553-8W Store SKU #190576
Sioux Chief3 in. PVC DWV J-Hook Pipe Hanger

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Hydroponics growing system: How to build a DIY Aeroponics growing system using a 5 Gallon Bucket

Hydroponics growing system: How to build a DIY Aeroponics growing system using a 5 Gallon Bucket. There are many forms of hydroponics growing systems out there. This video will show you step by step how to build an aeroponics growing system.

Aeroponics is a system where the roots are suspended in an environment saturated with fine drops, mist or fog of a nutrient solution. The method entails periodically wetting the roots of the growing plants with a fine mist of nutrients. The growing plants with their roots suspended in a deep air or growth chamber receive excellent aeration and a moist environment. This is the main advantage of aeroponics.

Another distinct advantage of aeroponics over other hydroponics growing systems is that any species of plant can be grown. In an aeroponic system the micro environment can be finely controlled. This addresses many of the limitations of other hydroponics growing systems. In other hydroponics growing systems certain species of plants can survive before they become waterlogged. This means that you can grow plants longer and faster, because aeroponics is that suspended aeroponic plants receive 100% of the available oxygen and carbon dioxide to the roots zone. This will accelerate biomass growth and reduce rooting times. Aeroponic techniques have been proven to be commercially viable for propagation, seed germination, seed potato production, tomato production, leaf crops, and micro-greens. The success of aeroponics has even recognized by NASA.

NASA researchers have been analyzing many soilless growing methods for the space program, including hydroponics. Aeroponics growing systems receive special attention from NASA since a mist is easier to handle than a liquid in a zero gravity environment. Their research into aeroponics has all shown that aeroponically grown plants have an 80% increase in dry weight biomass compared to hydroponically grown plants. They also concluded that aeroponics use less water than other hydroponics growing systems. Aeroponics is also widely used in laboratory studies of plant physiology and plant pathology.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a soilless growing technique were growing of plants are placed into a system that delivers nutrient rich water directly to the roots. Instead of soil, Plants are often supported by an inert substrate such as rockwool, hydroton, coconut coir, and many others. A flood and drain, mist, or air stone provides oxygen to the root system to keep the plants from drowning. A hydroponics growing systems success is based on the fine control of the environment. This makes a hydroponics growing system perfect for growing indoors as well as outdoors.

I'm a gardener. Why should I care about hydroponics?

Like most you, I enjoy traditional gardening outside in the soil and sun. Then with the fall all of the outdoor fun ends and the long cold wait to spring begins. With the use of a hydroponics growing system you can grow year round. This has become very important to modern farmers and gardeners. Using hydroponics we have complete control over our seasons and plants. Out in the fields many factors affect how plants are grown. Perfect quality soil is difficult to find and even harder to maintain. We have to deal with contamination, weeds, pests and biological imbalances. For a plant to receive a well balanced diet, everything in the soil must be in perfect But with hydroponics, water is enriched with a perfectly balanced nutrient. The hydroponic nutrient solution is also contained so little is lost to evaporation, therefore, less water is needed and wasted.
Each day, more facts are learned about hydroponics, and it is easyer then ever to start your year round vegetable garden with a little help from my blog .

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Chic Hanging Plant Pot in 10 Minutes! ~Earth Day DIY Project Using Recycled Can~

Who doesn't love to have plants in the house, especially when they are displayed in a cute way? Plants improve the indoor air quality, reduce your stress and brighten your home 🙂

Here is a tutorial to make a chic hanging pot for your plants using a recycled aluminum can. It's fun and eco-friendly 😉

Materials: Yarn & Recycled Aluminum Can
Tools: Nail or Screw, Hammer, scissors, Glue Gun

Music: Happy Mandolin
by Media Right Productions


How to Build A Beautiful Pallet Couch

How to Build A Beautiful Pallet Couch

Comprehensive guild on how to build a beautiful pallet couch from getting started to completion. This tutorial will also teach you how to make your very own cushions and pillows at the cheapest value.



DIY Watering Tutorial for Potted Vegetation

DIY Watering Tutorial for Potted Vegetation

Do it yourself, easy does it, self watering procedure for pot vegetation. This irrigation strategy needs no dripping tubes, sprinklers or what so ever. Chilli peppers starring are Hongarian Sizzling Apple, Habanero Peach and Caloro.

Part2: Do it yourself self watering procedure for pot vegetation. An experiment on up scaling is strategy is revealed in component 2
Any other solutions on how to automate the irrigation of my capsicum vegetation are welcome. I am also seeking for thoughts to Do it yourself the Aquavalve from Autopot. Any solutions or thoughts on this are much more then welcome far too. Have fun experimenting and go breed chilli peppers!

Eenvoudig bewateringssysteem voor je potplanten op onderschaal. Als iemand ervaring of ideen heeft om een DHZ/Do it yourself aquavalve te bouwen van Autopot dan hoor ik dat graag…

SPELLING Check: who's = whose


Ten Pallet Backyard Garden Freecycle Strategies

Ten Pallet Backyard Garden Freecycle Strategies

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Backyard garden




25 Remarkable Do-it-yourself Yard Fence Wall Artwork Thoughts [Yard Artwork Thoughts]

backyard garden artwork concepts – little backyard garden landscape style courtyard backyard garden concepts little area gardens Small backyard garden style little backyard garden concepts Yard present day backyard garden artwork buy backyard garden artwork backyard garden artists picture frames Artwork little backyard garden small gardens backyard garden decor instructions lifted beds backyard garden deco repurposing decorations perennials greens repurposed energetic wonderful superb birchbark relaxing backyard garden artwork folk artwork Do-it-yourself starting tutorial treasures portray primitive sandpile yard downhome calming backyard garden natural ontario expanding living how to backyard garden artwork concepts for preschool canada plants Welding backyard garden artwork concepts from junk backyard garden artwork concepts for young children china vines Mazda ADHD cost-free seed taxi logs engage in vine


Ingenious Raised Bed Pallet Garden & Rising More than Concrete at City Adamah Organic Farm

Raised Bed Pallet Garden

John from goes on a subject trip to City Adamah to see a Farm with a Raised Bed Pallet Garden in the middle of a significant metropolis – Berkeley, California. In this episode, you will study how City Adamah grows food items in excess of concrete by applying a assortment of strategies. You will discover how they use a normal transport pallet to make a lifted backyard bed that can be moved with a forklift when their lease on the land is up.




Do-it-yourself Handmade Hydroponic Vertical Garden and City Farm in South Florida

John from visits fellow YouTuber's place to see whats Expanding On! In this episode you will find out about Art's Handmade Do It You Hanging Hydroponic Vertical Garden. You will also see some artistic methods to reuse some typically discarded merchandise that allow him to improve far more meals. In addition, you will explore how you can use a plastic barrel or plastic tote to shop your rain h2o and the locate out the greatest source for barrels and totes in South Florida.


Freecycle: How to Eco-friendly Your Lifestyle

Develop the Good in collaboration with My Technology provides a video clip on how to “Eco-friendly” your life as a result of Freecyling.

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Develop The Good honors Dr. Andrus' guiding principle “to provide, not to be served,” but expands on regular strategies to volunteer by connecting folks with simple routines, time-versatile chances and a broad assortment of interests. Look at out all the strategies that you can use your life encounters, techniques and passions in your neighborhood now.

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Do it yourself Crafts: Hedgehog Backyard garden Decor from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Right now in do it yourself crafts I give you just one of the yard decor thoughts – it is a hedgehog out of recycled plastic bottles.
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Do it yourself Crafts: Hedgehog Backyard garden Decor from Recycled Plastic Bottles