** Rustic & Repurposed Furniture


Whether your look is slightly rustic or has more of that eclectic feel, add to your home's character with this unique selection of benches, tables, chests and more. Add warmth and texture to your entryway with a storage bench fabricated from repurposed wood crates. Update your kitchen or bar area with a stool crafted from wine barrels. Or accent your patio with an industrial-inspired outdoor-friendly table and bench. Without a doubt, any of these pieces will be character-building opportunities for any space.

Winward Set of 2 Maverick Iron Accent Tables with Keys, Black

Phillip Two-Drawer Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Control Brand Good Form French-Style Bistro Table

Barry Three-Drawer Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Grayson Six-Drawer Repurposed Crate Drawer Towers

Nicolas Large Box Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Ashton Two-Drawer Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Winward Maverick Iron Console Table With Key, Brown

Hafton Two-Drawer Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Control Brand Avesta Stool

Carlton Six-Drawer Repurposed Crate Dresser

Caruth Two-Drawer Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Control Brand Good Form French-Style Outdoor Bench

Martin Repurposed Grain Elevator Bin Wall Storage

Carmen Three-Drawer Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Halles Two-Drawer Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Miller Two-Drawer Repurposed Crate Storage Bench

Winward Taylor Table, Grey Brown

Grafton Two-Drawer Repurposed Crate Coffee Table with Barnwood Top


New dimensions (06): Design Furniture from the Printer | Euromaxx

The Dutchman Dirk Vander Kooij is one of the pioneers of 3D printed furniture. He has repurposed an old industrial robot to create large pieces of furniture from recycled plastics. The 28-year-old Dutchman's creations have won numerous awards and even come to the notice of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. More informations: http://www.dw.de/program/euromaxx/s-7555-9798


How to Build a $7 Stuffed Animal Zoo Using Repurposed Furniture!

DIY building a Kids stuffed animal zoo storage unit! This was made using a repurposed (i.e., broken) kids dresser that we got for free by calling upon the social media gods through our local buy/sell/trade facebook group (sort of like Craigslist). We were fortunate that the only real problem with the dresser was the drawers – we didn't need them anyways! The only thing we purchased for this project was the bungee cord – we bought this 25′ marine grade bungee cord on eBay for $7. It was our only purchase, making this whole stuffed animal zoo cage pretty darn cheap. It's much cheaper than if we were to go buy the lumber and building materials ourselves.

Sam Adams was along for the ride to keep me company, replenish my fluids, and to show how quickly I completed this. It took less than hour from the time the dresser was unloaded in our garage to the time my kids were filling up their new zoo cage with their stuffed animals. Pretty cool.

There are several local buy/sell/trade facebook groups in my community that are really great – if you don't have a local buy/sell/trade FB group, please consider starting one up! It's all about REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Keep it going and thanks for watching! 🙂


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Reclaimed Lumber for Furniture

How to Make Money in Woodworking,

“What have you been up to, we need our videos?!?!” That's the question I hope this video can partially answer. I've been busy with work which has kept me away from making YouTube videos. So I decided to bring YouTube along with me for a day. In this video I'm on location salvaging some old lumber from a barn and house. The wood is being used for a set of farm tables I'm making. Reclaimed wood is great for projects where you are making new furniture that looks old. You just can beat it for it's aged appearance and authentic marks and coloration. It takes some work and effort to find and get it, but once you have, you've got a great product to work with. My tools of choice for salvaging are several pry bars, framing hammer, sledge hammer, chainsaw, shovel, rake, leaf blower, truck and a winch. With these items you can tear down just about anything…….. also jacks are nice too. Join me for a day of work. Be sure to let me know if you'd like to see more videos like this, if so, I'll bring the camera along with me on my travels more often. Thank you for watching and check out the link below to start your own money making business in Woodworking.

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