DIY How to Remedy Hickeys

How to Remedy Hickeys

Hickeys are often termed as kiss marks or love bites. They appear due to excessive sucking or aggressive biting especially on soft parts of the skin – neck, chest area, or arms, causing the capillaries to break and bleed. That is the reason why hickeys appear as a red or purplish patch. Although you can conceal them with make-up, they can be quite embarrassing as healing take long.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains soothing and anti-inflammatory properties for faster healing of burst capillaries. Scrape out the gel from the Aloe Vera leaf and apply it directly on your bruised skin/hickeys. Application should be done thrice daily for faster healing.

Consumption of Vitamin K-Rich Foods

Broccoli, brown rice, fish oil, spinach and soy beans are rich in vitamin K. Take in lots of vitamin K-rich foods when you have hickeys. As hickeys also is a result of blood clotting, vitamin K is required as this is can effectively prevent blood clotting or coagulation. As pooled blood is reabsorbed, the healing process is hastened.

Cold Compress

Same when bruised, it is always advisable to use cold compress in order to stop the bleeding and constrict ruptured capillaries. Blood clots are therefore broken apart and a result, they are separated apart. Using a cold pack, press it on the hickeys for 15 minutes. If you do not have a cold pack, you can simply wrap ice cubes in a paper towel. Do not press the ice directly on your skin else you will make things worse. You will surely get an ice burn.

Remember those metal spoons for your eye bags? You can also use them here. Have those chilled for 10 minutes and wrap it with a thin cloth then rub it lightly on your kiss mark. Repeat this at least thrice daily.

Banana Peel

Banana peels are also good for hickeys. Be sure to cut them into sizes to fit the hickeys. This would serve as a spot treatment. Cover the area with the insides of the peel for half an hour. Repeat this thrice daily until the kiss marks are gone.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint also improves blood circulation and is an effective treatment for hickeys. Gently apply on the affected area but do not overdo to avoid irritation. Use this remedy only once or twice daily.



Natural Ways To Remove Stains From White Cloths

White clothes are in many of us our first choice, we all love them, but the sad fact is that it can easy get stained.

In most cases, even the best and most expensive stain detergent cannot wash off the stains, and if we keep trying we just end up having chemical-laden clothing whit lost white color.

But there are trick that you can try, and end up again enjoying your favorite pure white, stainless cloth.

We now present you 3 tricks that have great effect in removing stains, and the best part is they are all natural!

Baking Soda

In a plastic tub fill 4 liters of water then add a cup of baking soda. Let it dissolve and then place the clothes inside, and leave them to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. Whit this you will restore the white color of your clothing and the stains will be gone.

 Lemon and Vinegar

In equal amounts mix vinegar and lemon juice then with this mix you can wash your stained clothes. Rinse the clothes and the stains will be gone. The clothes will have great fresh smell and their original white color.


In a plastic tub filled with water add 6 crushed aspirins, and then add your clothes inside. Leave the clothes to soak for about one hour, and then wash it whit detergent. You will end up whit pure white clothing again.

Try these tricks soon, and you will never be afraid of stains again.

If you want to try more awesome everyday remedies from things found around the home click on the Learn More link below.

5 Best Halloween Decoration Ideas For 2017

If you're looking for some awesome Halloween Decorations to liven up your home take a look at these 5 ideas we found on Etsy.

1.) Halloween Garland or Wreath

Details: This Halloween garland is the one of a kind piece this festive holiday! Created with a purple deco mesh, ruffles and twists in black/orange and purple deco mesh, and ribbons in bats, plaids, polka dots, striped glitter and chevrons, this garland also holds loops of color coordinated tubing really giving this the piece the pop you're looking for. Created with your choice of garland alone or your own wreath with various center options, you can create the ultimate Halloween décor door or mantel to your liking!! 


2.) Halloween Painted Potion Bottles

Details: These are awesome if I do say so myself.
The pictures really do not do them justice. There are three different large bottles
1. Bat Blood
2. Slug Siliva
3. Snake Venom
These really are great!!


3.) Candy Corn Mason Jar 

Painted candy corn mason jars. These jars are so adorable and will add a touch of whimsy to each and EVERY Halloween display. They will also make an adorable Thanksgiving Centerpiece. The jars have been painted with a sealer for added protection against chipping. They can be wiped with a damp cloth, but are not dishwasher safe, and can not be submersed in water. However, they can be filled with water to hold flowers.

4.) Happy Halloween Wreath

Get ready to impress neighbors, friends, and trick or treaters this Halloween. This wreath is guaranteed to make you the envy of the neighborhood. It is full of texture. This wreath measures 24″. It is made on a work wreath using a variety of Deco mesh, coordinating ribbon and deco flex tubing and a Happy Halloween sign in the center.

5.) Halloween Candles – Halloween Decor

Use these faux Halloween candles to light up your spells, make your ouija board glow, and illuminate spooky October nights. 
Set includes 3 faux candles wrapped at the base with twigs, black cheese cloth, and an orange ribbon.

We hope you liked and found some inspiration for making your own Halloween Decorations this season. If not follow the link to Etsy where you can find thousands of Halloween Decorations for sale.

Most Expensive Shipping Container Home

If you're looking to buy a Shipping Container Home that's already been built, then look no further! This eco-friendly and energy efficient home has been carefully engineered from five beautiful shipping containers and has 2,600 sqft of living space. Can you believe that this earth-saving home also contains three unique bedrooms with each having personal baths? This spectacular home was designed by the Industrial Designer, Debbie Glassberg, in collaboration with BNIM. 

This is suppose to be Kansas City MO first container home and if you're willing to shell out $849,000 it can be yours. Outside the home there are raised bed garden planter so you can grow your own green organic fruits and vegetables. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative then you might want to take a look at these Shipping Container Home building plans which will guide you through the whole process of building your own container home from the ground up at a much cheaper price.

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Must Know Facts Living Inside A Shipping Container Home

Remember, when you were younger and loved to build pretend homes and forts? As an adult the Container architecture is growing because there hundreds of thousands of shipping containers in places all over the world. Usually in docking ports and stacks of shipping containers are piled up wasting away to literally nothing. Some very ingenious architects and builders are recycling these containers and designing homes and low income apartments out of them worldwide.

Shipping container homes are very affordable, transportable and stackable and able to survive the worst weather conditions mother nature has for us. They are structurally built to withstand almost anything and in abundant supply almost in every country today.

Containerization is best defined as the use of steel boxes that can be filled with literally any product and loaded onto a truck or train. If you are concerned about these running out, no need to worry because there are infinite containers to go around. Tens of thousands of these hit American shores each and every day of the year, as well as almost every other country.

Lets understand something here. The prices of homes today has sky rocketed to the heavens. As time goes on, more and more people can not afford a typical living environment. Struggling with mortgages and taxes to pay off their house, why not look into a shipping container as a home for yourself?

Not only are they cheaper but they last much longer than an average house today built with the same materials they have been building with.

Anyone who would like more information on Shipping Container Homes, please visit my site below

Shipping Container Home Facts

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Simple and Easy Landscaping Ideas

One of the biggest concerns that most family's face when deciding how to design their existing landscape is “where do I start?” If you aren't a creative person or can't afford a professional consultant to design your landscaping plans, what do you do? Most people are looking for a few simple and easy landscaping ideas that they can follow and do the work themselves. I have had several friends and neighbors ask me for my advice and guidance so they can get started with their landscaping plans.

One of the first thoughts is to spend some time evaluating your current piece of property with particular emphasis on what do you want your completed landscaping project to look like. Don't try to copy your neighbors design! For example, they don't have any children and you do. They don't need a play area and you do. Therefore, it is important to know what you are starting with such as the existing layout and the primary features of your current yard. Does your lawn take up most of the property? What type of trees and where are they located on the property? Is the property level and easy to work with or are you faced with gully's and rocky soil? Once you determine the pros and cons of what you starting with, then you can sketch out a rough design and come up with a feasible budget.

Now that you have an understanding of your terrain and landscape your need to whether to include a vegetable garden within the overall landscaping plan. A vegetable garden is not as aesthetic as a flower garden, however, sometimes it is easier to landscape. If you are only planting a flower garden, then you will want to keep the plants and flowers with a certain color scheme such as a combination of vivid yellows and reds. Although selecting plant colors is a personal decision, blending certain colors will give you a more beautiful and coordinated appearance.

Don't overlook the importance of the need for direct sunlight for your plants. Some flowers require direct sunlight whereby other plants need a certain amount of shade. Determine the amount of shade a specific area of the yard receives, and if it is in direct sunlight, how to create shade for flowers and vegetables that grow the best in indirect sunlight. You can do this by planting them in the shadow of certain larger plants, shrubs or trees. One of the easiest ways to create artificial shade is to plant vines on a trellis or fence.

You will now decide on how many and what types of trees to include in you landscape design. A single tree or a small group of trees can be a nice arrangement within the lawn or a pleasing side feature or you may decide to place or keep them in the background. Do not choose an overpowering tree. Select one with a nice shape with an interesting feature about its colorful leaves, distinctive bark, or colorful flowers. You may want to consider the blossoms of the tulip tree, the bright berries of the ash, the bark of the white birch, the leaves of the copper beech or the brilliant foliage of the sugar maple. If you have a low area that stays wet most of the time, the willow or birch are ideal trees for this spot. Do not plant a group of evergreen trees next to the house, this generally gives a dark and gloomy effect to the house.

There are a variety of shrubs that can be used as hedges and are more pleasing in a landscape design than building expensive fences. The following shrubs make very nice and colorful hedges: California privet, Japan barberry, Van Houtte's spirea and the Osage orange. When choosing your trees and shrubs, select those of your local geographical area since they will be better suited for the climate and soil conditions.

Ever Wanted Landscape Designs Like Those You See On HGTV or MTV Cribs?…

Your house or tool shed often needs the help of vines or certain types of flowers to tie it together to create a harmonious landscape. Landscape architects use vines to accomplish this purpose. Plant a perennial vine and it will develop into a permanent part of your landscape design. There are several alternatives that you can choose from such as Virginia creeper, clematis, honeysuckle, wisteria or trumpet vine.

Walkways and pathways are essential for all landscaping designs, since they allow you as well as your guests, to walk through the garden without harming the plants and flowers. A variety of materials are used to create walkways such as gravel, pavers, brick or bark. Depending upon your style of garden, try to design your paths to curve and meander throughout your garden rather than in a straight line. Keep in mind, the path should lead somewhere; for example, starting from your back porch or deck and ending at your tool shed or property line.

When developing your landscaping plan, give some serious thought to the amount of time and effort you want to devote to working in your garden. If you have both a flower garden and a vegetable garden, then the amount of time to maintain and care for your plants will be considerable. You may want to install an irrigation system to eliminate the need to manually water the garden. This will save you time as well as improve the vitality of the plants. Weeding is tedious work and can be back-breaking at times. If you prefer to spend time on the beach or golf course, then you may want to give considerable thought to creating an easy-care landscape design.

Before you start your home landscaping project you will need check with local government officials where any gas lines, electrical lines and water pipes that may be running through your yard. You cannot afford to hit any of these things. It can be dangerous as well as expensive to repair.

Learn more about Landscaping Ideas by visiting the link below

Gordon Smith is a writer who specializes in writing about various aspects of landscaping design. You can check out his latest website at fantastic landscaping ideas, where he provides valuable advice and guidance on specific ideas such as Front yard landscaping ideas, as well other important ideas for flower and vegetable gardens.

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How To Make Pemmican Survival Super Food

How To Make Pemmican Survival Super-Food

What is Pemmican? Pemmican is basically an energy bar made out of shredded jerky, dried fruit, and fat. These have been made historically by Native Americans and Homesteaders. Creating pemmican makes an energy source that has more calories and longer shelf life than jerky alone.
Pemmican Slices

Pemmican shelf life is very long, because it has very low moisture and very high fat content. Fat does not grow bacteria. When fat goes bad (or rancid), it goes through a chemical process that occurs with light and air. This chemical change usually smells and does not necessarily harm people like bacteria can. To keep your pemmican smelling and tasting nice, make sure you keep it airtight and away from light. You may consider freezing it as well.

Pemmican has lots of recipes, and is very easy to make. Most people suggest a 1:1:1 ratio of jerky, dried fruit, and animal fat. The fat ratio will keep it protected and decreases the chances of it going rancid.

Once the meat is shredded and the fat is rendered, this recipe also uses a 1:1 ratio. I will reference this recipe and talk about variations below.

Dry the meat

The Lost Ways uses 6 lbs of lean red meat and ⅓ cup of berries. Slice the meat into ¼ of an inch strips or even thinner. Cut and keep any extra fat! Fat on the jerky will diminish its ability to dry appropriately for pemmican. In the video, the meat is dried for 13 hours in the oven. I personally would never do that, because the heat would cook everyone in my house with the jerky! Alton Brown, a Food Network cook, has a great method of drying meat using air filters and a fan that works very well. You can find that method here. Of course, you could always use a food dehydrator or just buy some jerky all ready to go!

During a survival situation, hang your meat over a fire for at least 12 hours. Make sure you meat is brittle after drying. If it is still rubbery and soft, it is not dry enough.

Grind the meat and berries.

You can use a food processor or blender for this step. In a survival situation, shred the jerky and crush the berries into a powder.

Render the fat.

The recipe in the video calls for 2lbs tallow (or fat). You can buy this from a butcher, or slice if off yourself from un-butchered meat. Lard from a store would not be as fresh, but would also work. Do not use butter! The dairy will go bad far quicker than other types.

Next, you’ll heat up the fat to about 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit and stir every 2 minutes. Making this fat too hot will cook out the fatty acids that will work toward preserving the meat. Once the fat boils and is bubbling around the larger chunks of fat, you can reduce the heat (about medium heat) and let it simmer. Simmer for about an hour and strain the chunks out.

Combine the ingredients.

Once you have determined your jerky and fat are at a 1:1 ratio by using a scale, you can add the jerky and berries. Stir well.

Store the Pemmican.

The Lost Ways asks the reader to place the pemmican straight into an airtight bag and store. Other recipes spread the pemmican out onto a baking sheet, let harden, and then slice bars. Either way, you’ll need to keep it airtight to keep it from going rancid. I would suggest Mylar bags and some oxygen absorbents to increase the shelf life. Zip lock works fine for convenience.

Other variations include nuts, honey, syrup, or almond flour. I would try to keep this as simple as possible. However, honey could make your pemmican bar hard as it crystallizes, and nuts go bad quicker.

Pemmican should be able to last for several years when made and stored properly. Store at home or in your Bug Out Bag for a quick getaway. When eating, try to chew slowly to increase the sensation of a larger meal.

Click below to check out the video for a thorough explanation and to see how it’s done!





Choosing the Right Size Copper Fire Pit For Your Backyard Patio

Backyard Fire Pit Options Made From Copper

If you're looking to buy a copper fire pit, you will need to decide what size is right for you. There are many sizes and varieties to choose from, you will need to figure out what is best for your situation. If you have a larger backyard or deck you might want to have a large fire pit. A smaller fire pit would probably be better for someone with a smaller space, such as a balcony at an apartment building. Looking into the options will help you to make the best decision.

A copper firepit can come in a 24 or a 26 inch size. That is small enough so that it won't take up a lot of room. With a small firepit you can still have the coziness of a fire in a limited amount of space. Imagine sitting on the balcony in front of the fire, just the two of you. It could be very romantic. Sitting in front of the fire on a cool evening with all of the stars in the sky shining back at you could be a small slice of paradise. Moments like that create memories that last forever. Smaller firepits are portable, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

You can also buy a copper firepit in a much larger size. A 40 inch firepit would be much like a campfire, only safer. The whole family could sit around the fire and spend time together. You could even sing campfire songs. You new firepit will give you the feel of camping deep in the woods without ever having to leave your backyard. It will bring your family closer together. Slightly smaller sizes, such as 35 inch, are also available.

Whatever size you decide upon, you will be able to enjoy your new copper firepit for years to come. Copper is a very long lasting metal so you won't have any problems with it, you won't have to worry about rust or corrosion like with some other metals. Copper is also very beautiful, it will be a welcome addition to your backyard. When your neighbors see how lovely your new fire pit is and how much you are enjoying it, they just might see the benefits of owning one as well.

To purchase some of the best high quality Copper Fire Pits for your backyard space check them out here.

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Nutritional Benefits Of Figs

Nutritional Benefits Of Figs

Figs are well known for their mild laxative effect, so care should be exercised when consuming fig juice. Try a small quantity at first, prepared from two or three fresh figs.

The laxative prepared from the more concentrated, dried figs alone is so mild that it is suitable for children, so the action of the fresh fruit should cause you no alarm. However the term, syrup of figs, is often used to describe “Compound Syrup of Figs”, this stronger laxative has added senna, rhubarb and cascara extract to make it much stronger.

Fig juice is also recognized for its soothing effect on irritated bronchia: passages. This demulcent action is soothing to the inflamed mucous membranes that produce catarrh during a cold. Fresh figs are a poor source of vitamin C, but they are a better source of vitamin B6 than most other fruits. Figs contain 110 mg of vitamin B6 per 100g.

Figs played an important part in the diet of both the ancient Greeks and Romans. The ancient Greeks fed large quantities to their athletes, the Spartans, in the belief that the fruit encouraged strength and swiftness. The Roman's fed fresh figs to their slaves, particularly the agricultural workers, but dried figs were also widely consumed.


Figs May Help Lower High Blood Pressure

Figs are a good source of potassium, a mineral that helps to control blood pressure. Since many people not only do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, but do consume high amounts of sodium as salt is frequently added to processed foods, they may be deficient in potassium. Low intake of potassium-rich foods, especially when coupled with a high intake of sodium, can lead to hypertension. In the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) study, one group ate servings of fruits and vegetables in place of snacks and sweets, and also ate low-fat dairy food. This diet delivered more potassium, magnesium and calcium. Another group ate a “usual” diet low in fruits and vegetables with a fat content like that found in the average American Diet. After eight weeks, the group that ate the enhanced diet lowered their blood pressure by an average of 5.5 points (systolic) over 3.0 points (diastolic).

Figs May be a Sweet Way to Lose Weight

Figs are a good source of dietary fiber. Fiber and fiber-rich foods may have a positive effect on weight management. In one study, women who increased their fiber intake with supplements significantly decreased their energy intake, yet their hunger and satiety scores did not change. Figs, like other high fiber foods, may be helpful in a weight management program.

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Raising Backyard Chickens

The sound of a rooster crowing at dawn; delicious, farm fresh eggs for breakfast; pest control; these are just a few of the benefits of raising backyard chickens. In a fairly small amount of space and with very few supplies, you can easily start a backyard flock of your own.Raising Backyard Chickens

Chickens are very easy to raise and care for. In fact, if you have the space and foliage for them to free range, they will provide a lot of benefits and be very inexpensive to maintain. Their needs are few. My start in chicken farming was sudden, and I had no time to prepare or purchase supplies. When the chickens were first delivered, I put them in a fenced dog pen. The only “shelter” was a large dog house. I set out a couple of bowls with water in them. The next morning when I went out with flashlight in hand to check on them, I didn't see a single chicken in the pen. I was horrified thinking that some predator had managed to come in during the night and wipe out the entire flock. That was lesson one in how easily chickens will adapt to their circumstances. All 25 of them had crowded into the dog house to keep warm during the night! I was lucky none had suffocated.

So, here is my quick, short list of the “must haves” for your flock.


Your chickens will need some sort of shelter. There are some pretty amazing chicken coop designs available in books and on the internet. This can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. You can purchase a ready made chicken coop, or make one yourself. Basically, the shelter needs to provide them with protection from the elements (rain, snow, sun, heat) and from predators. When I first got my chickens, I was fortunate enough to have a little structure at the edge of the woods on my property. I disassembled it, moved the lumber to the fenced in area, and rebuilt it. It's a simple, three sectioned, wooden shack with a metal roof. I installed some dowels for “roosts”. If you have a problem with predators in your area, you will need to make sure the coop is predator proof so that you can lock your chickens up safely at night. Raccoons are clever, and will scale a fence, or dig under it with no trouble. So, simply having them fenced in isn't good enough. I lost a few hens to raccoons until I managed to secure the coop properly.



Your chickens need a constant supply of fresh water. There are several styles of waterers available commercially. In addition to a couple of galvanized poultry waterers, I also set out metal dog food pans with water in various locations. If you are going to use bowls, make sure you buy heavy duty ones with some weight to them, otherwise your chickens will step in the bowls and you'll be refilling them several times a day.


Chickens will eat just about anything. If you have the space and the plant life, and don't mind having chickens roaming around your property, let them free range. It will cut down on how much you have to feed them, and I firmly believe they will be healthier by foraging for fresh food in your yard. My chickens eat grass, leaves (they especially like poke salad), berries, grass hoppers, crickets, worms, ticks – I've even seen them gobble up baby snakes and field mice. I supplement what they find on their own with kitchen scraps and a good laying feed.

These are the absolute “must haves”. There are other supplies you may want. But, these basics should allow you to get your flock off to a good start.

Looking for a complete set up for backyard chickens? We carry Chicken Egg Incubators, Small Backyard Chicken Coop Plans in many styles, Fertilized Chicken Eggs, Raising Backyard Chicken Books and DVD and Rooster Home & Garden Decor. Visit our store at

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Fat Burning Food Secrets Revealed

The Fat Burning Kitchen nutritional manual has been making a lot of waves. Expert trainer Mike Geary teamed up with nutritionist Catherine Ebeling and together they created this short but to the point eBook which teaches exactly which foods accelerate fat burning and which slow it down to a standstill.

There is a lot that can be learned from this eBook not only about how to eat to burn more fat faster, but on how to eat to be as healthy as possible. After all, you are what you eat, right? You have to put into your body the best food or you will never be as lean, healthy, and attractive as possible. Fat Burning Kitchen can help you make sure you're eating the right things.

However, it is not a perfect book. It has both pros and cons.

Fat Burning Kitchen Pros and Cons:


– Easy to read and to apply

– Written by two experts

– Exposes some of the more blatant lies about food today

– Exposes so called “health food” which is really unhealthy

– Includes video lessons which can help you learn more about nutrition

– Can help you eat better to have a leaner and healthier body


– At times some of the explanations in Fat Burning Kitchen can become a bit scientific and not everyone wants that

– Some people may find that they need to change a lot about their eating habits so be ready for that

Overall, Fat Burning Kitchen is a thought provoking and excellent nutritional manual. You can learn a lot from it and if you're a health conscious person, you should definitely give it a read.

Visit Fat Burning Kitchen Review to see what this book includes.

To read more about fat burning food, go here: Fat Burning Food List

John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter.

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Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas Come To Life

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Everyone wants a great up to date look in the bedroom and you might find yourself inspired by a modern bedroom decorating idea that you have seen on TV or in a decorator magazine. If you are planning on duplicating a room plan exactly, have an open mind as the probabilities of an exact replication will not be possible, but you can come close with some innovative ideas. But, if you observe the following basic elements of modern design, you can obtain a nicely designed bedroom.modern-bedroom-ideas


Unlike popular decorating schemes in the past, our modern era likes to concentrate on one or two colors for a smooth, sophisticated look. Browns and white are typical colors today. Black and white is a great choice for modern decor and it doesn't have to be boring if you spice it up with a bright color like red or yellow. One color that is very popular is chocolate brown and this can be used in varying shades of darkness. I chose these colors for two reasons. First, they go well with most modern furniture pieces, and second, they give the room a nice warm tone.


The rugs and fabrics used in modern bedroom decor don't rely on the fancy patterns of the past. Solid colors can be made more interesting by combining them with different textures. Not all patterns can be used when going for a modern design; geometric patterns are your best choice.


The Modern style calls for furniture with clean, simple lines. The darker shades of wood are preferred for this decor style. The overall look will be enhanced if you avoid rounded lines. No need to be fancy: stick to straight lines and simple details. Brushed metal is a great, simple hardware look.


Less is more with modern design so keep accessories to a minimum. When looking for the perfect finishing touch, experiment with long-lined glass vases and single flowers. Sparingly place a few items around the room rather then filling it with clutter. Steer clear of anything ornate or frilly in your modern bedroom. Try adding a modern work of art to your new room–one that really enhances the colors around it.

How To Decorate ANY Room Tuscan Style

With these tips, any modern bedroom decorating idea can come to life. Choose a style you love and recreate it in your own bedroom for a unique look that is all your own.

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How to Grow Mushrooms from Old Shroom Stems

Usually when it comes to growing mushrooms, the most important thing that you will need to begin with is the mushroom spawn itself – this is what the mushrooms grow from, so it is an essential ingredient. Without it, it would be like trying to grow an apple tree without the apple pip – its never going to work. Usually the mushroom spawn will be especially created by a mycologist, and will normally consist of some kind of grain that has been impregnated with mushroom mycelium (mycelium is what the mushrooms come from).

facts-about-the-mushroomYou can create your own mushroom spawn several ways, but what most people don't realise is that you can actually grow your own mushrooms from old stem butts, enabling you to re-use old mushrooms and start your own cycle of mushroom cultivation.

All that you need to do is to cut off a small section of the mushroom stem butt, no bigger then an inch long. It is important to try and use the bottom of the stem, with the bulbous part of the stem intact (this part is usually removed prior to preparing the mushroom for cooking and for packaging before being sold in stores). However if you have already grown some of your own mushrooms from some kind of spawn then you will have no problem getting hold of the healthiest variety of stem butts. You can still try using the stem from shop-brought mushrooms, but you may not have as much success.

It is important stating that not all mushrooms have this stem growth capability, and there are only a few varieties that are known to be able to re-spawn from their stems. These include Oyster mushrooms (Pleutrous Ostreatus), Parasol mushrooms, Morels, Prince, and many more.

All you need to do is remove a section of the stem butts, and get some corrugated cardboard. Soak the cardboard and then try to peel it in half, so that the paper is as thin as possible. Next, lay the carboard on a surface and place some of the stem butts on top. Try and leave around 6 inches of cardboard per stem butt. Cover the stems with the rest of the corrugated cardboard and then re-soak for a few minutes. Place the folded pieces of cardboard into an old box – cardboard, wood, or anything else that will keep the box moist, and then place it in a shady position in your garden before covering it with leaves.

What will happen is that the mycelium will start to grow through the pieces of cardboard, from the stem butts, using the materials in the cardboard as a food (mushrooms naturally grow on wood and so cardboard is ideal to use and is easier to break down). After a few months you will have your own cardboard spawn, and you can either use this to grow mushrooms on more cardboard, or you can mix this cardboard spawn with straw, creating an outdoor bed or mushroom patch, or you can try and transfer the spawn to other substrates.

Buy Mushroom Growing Kits online and start growing your own mushrooms at home. Learn how to grow mushrooms by visiting our website containing all the information you need to be able to grow edible mushrooms.


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How to Grow Gourmet Mushrooms and Make $60,000 Yearly

The popularity of gourmet mushrooms is continuing to grow. Over a million and a half pounds were grown just last year in the United States. Because of this increasing demand, new growers can succeed with exotics, such as oyster & shiitake mushrooms. It's fairly easy too. Here's how you could make $60,000 a year growing oyster mushrooms:

mushroom-growOyster mushrooms, a type of gourmet mushroom, are one of the most profitable gourmet mushroom available. In addition to the high demand for them, growing them is pretty simple. Because they grow so rapidly, you can grow about five crops a year, so it's possible to make a big profit fairly quickly. Best of all, you can do this in your spare time. If you have a few hours to spare a week, then you can grow a profitable crop.

So let's do the math. If you have a 500 square foot growing area, in a year that can produce about 12,000 pounds of mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms retail for $6 a pound. 12,000 pounds of mushrooms at $6 a pound could make you $72,000 in a year's time. Simply put, growing gourmet mushrooms for profit can be a way to make a nice extra income, or can even be a new career.

To grow a bumper crop, oyster mushrooms need a growing room where you can control the temperature, the humidity and the light. This allows you to regulate all three to meet the needs of the growing mushrooms at various times in the growing cycle.

One of the keys to having a successful mushroom-growing business is cleanliness. There are many things that could potentially contaminate your mushrooms, but if you take special care, your mushrooms can grow up healthy and tasty. So what do you need to do? First, pasteurizing your straw growing medium will remove possible threats of contamination. When you're ready to spread out your straw to cool down, take special care to wipe down and disinfect the surface using a 10% bleach solution. And finally, remember to always wash your hands thoroughly before handling any items, such as your spawn or substrate. Healthy gourmet mushrooms will get you top dollar at market.

When your gourmet mushrooms are ready to harvest, try to sell them as soon as possible. Fresh mushrooms will sell the best. If you're unable to sell your entire supply soon, you can freeze or dry them to sell at a later date. For the mushrooms you're ready to sell now, try any or all of these three options:

1. Farmers' markets – If you've been to one of these, you know how they can draw big crowds. Attendees are eager to find the best local produce from the best local growers. That could be you. Set up a booth or stand and get selling.

2. Restaurants – If you're like a lot of people, you love tasting delicious fresh mushrooms when you go out to a restaurant. Restaurants have to get those mushrooms from somewhere, so why not you? Hand out free samples to chefs at local restaurants, and they just might be interested in your gourmet mushrooms.

3. Grocery stores – More and more grocery stores are stocking gourmet mushrooms. Many buy their mushrooms from out-of-state distributors. If your gourmet mushrooms are fresh, healthy and delicious, then you could see a lot of business coming your way.

You could make over $60,000 a year growing gourmet mushrooms for profit. If you have a few hours a week to spare, and you have a growing area where you can control the temperature, humidity and light, then you can be a successful grower. Make sure your mushrooms are growing up healthy, and that you're selling them at the right places, and you'll be on your way to success. To learn more about how to grow and market oyster mushrooms, read Mushroom Growing 4 You, available here

FREE BOOK. If you want to earn money growing plants for profit, you'll also get a free copy of Aquaponics 4 You, Organic Gardening For Beginners, Herbs for Health and Home, and More all for free. 

Craig Wallin is the author of 8 books about growing high-value specialty crops, such as herbs, flowers, garlic, mushrooms, ginseng, bamboo, lavender, exotic trees, woody ornamentals, microgreens and landscaping plants.

Learn More

5 Healthy Home Cleaning Habits

These healthy home cleaning tips will keep your home healthy, safe and green.

5 Healthy Home Cleaning TipsExchange Indoor Air
Many modern homes are so tight there's little new air coming in. Open the windows from time to time or run any installed exhaust fans. In cold weather, the most efficient way to exchange room air is to open the room wide – windows and doors, and let fresh air in quickly for about 5 minutes. The furnishings in the room, and the walls, act as ‘heat sinks', and by exchanging air quickly, this heat is retained.

Minimize Dust
Remove clutter which collects dust, such as old newspapers and magazines. Try to initiate a ‘no-shoes-indoors' policy. If you're building or remodeling a home, consider a central vacuum system; this eliminates the fine dust which portable vacuum cleaners recirculate.

Use Cellulose Sponges
Most household sponges are made of polyester or plastic which are slow to break down in landfills, and many are treated with triclosan, a chemical that can produce chloroform (a suspected carcinogen) when it interacts with the chlorine found in tap water. Instead try cellulose sponges, available at natural foods stores, which are biodegradable and will soak up spills faster since they're naturally more absorbent. For general household cleaning, try Skoy Eco-Cleaning Cloths. These cleaning cloths are non-toxic, extremely absorbent (15x paper towels), reusable, and biodegradable.

Keep Bedrooms Clean
Most time at home is spent in the bedrooms. Keep pets out of these rooms, especially if they spend time outdoors.

Use Gentle Cleaning Products
Of the various commercial home cleaning products, drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and oven cleaners are the most toxic. Use the formulas described above or purchase ‘green' commercial alternatives
. Avoid products containing ammonia or chlorine, or petroleum-based chemicals; these contribute to respiratory irritation, headaches and other complaints.

Clean from the Top Down:
When house cleaning, save the floor or carpet for last. Clean window blinds and shelves first and then work downwards. Allow time for the dust to settle before vacuuming.


The Tiberian Growdome System

Tiberian Growdome System Sale

The best way to keep your Food Supply Healthy using the Tiberian Growdome System The Tiberian Growdome System has to be the most genius solution for growing things super fast and big. The growing method will give back the healthiest, biggest and mouth-watery food supplies to you and your family. Lately, we have heard some unpleasing debates which take the critical health issues as the main focus. The endless debates that claim our food supply is no longer safe because of the contained chemical substance. People claim that one of the biggest American agricultural companies is responsible for the poisonous and mutated foods. The accusation is based on the findings of several diseases caused by the unsterile and unhealthy food supplies such as chronic sinus, ached joints, fatigue, nausea and many more. Whether this is true or not, you might do not want to take the risk by consuming more of the provided food which can be found in the entire groceries. In this very situation, you have to decide the safest option for you and your family for sure. So, here we recommend you to have The Tiberian Growdome System which can provide you the safest feeling of consuming any kind of fruits and vegetables.


grow dome

The gist of The Tiberian Growdome System is to give you the lesson or method on producing your own food supplies in the better and more trusted way. This kind of system will help you to get the healthiest of the mouth-watering fruit and vegetable ever along with the 114% of the agricultural products on each harvest. The Tiberian Growdome System will really become your truest solution in overcoming the distrust over that evil agricultural company. With only $37, you will get the various attractive and pleasing method of producing your own food supplies. Inside, you will find four general

parts of process which are very applicable by anyone with any skill level, provided space, weather or budget and they are:

  • The portable and light-weighted grow dome for various plants, space and position
  • The hoop house for the larger capacity
  • Robust grow dome for the weather resistant
  • Reverse grow dome for the sunny climate

 So, are you still going to take any risk when it comes for you and your family’s health matter? The Tiberian Growdome System Discount Click on the picture below and you can get The Tiberian Growdome System with a special discounted price just for today of only $39.00. Therefore do not hesitate to click the image below and you can get a special discount today.

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Doggy Dans Online Dog Training

Doggy Dans Dog Training

Have you been searching the Internet for the best Online Dog Training Course? Well my friend this course I'm about to tell you about is the hottest dog training course available online right now. Whereas many of the products in this category are technically only purchased online, or have an online element, OnLine DogTrainer truly is an online dog training facility, developed with today's internet user in mind.  The course is distributed in the form of instructional videos and a forum accessed through logging online after membership has been activated.  Firstly there is a free five day course version that gives you a taster with “Doggy Dan's Essential Dog Training”.  The official trial period for the main product works by paying $1 and seeing how you like the product for seven days, after which, if you are satisfied, $37 will be deducted from your bank account every month thereafter.  You can change your mind at any time and cancel your subscription, and there is a further 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product where you will receive a full refund. 


The author, “Doggy Dan”, is a professional dog trainer and behavioralist with years of professional experience, and his training program has been endorsed by the SPCA (Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals).  The methods used here are gentle and non-violent, advertised as “no force, no fear”.  The course starts with teaching you to establish yourself as the pack leader using instructional videos showing the instructor at work with real dogs.  It then goes on to tackle common behavioral problems with quick easy-to-use instructions that can produce results in seconds. as demonstrated in front of the camera.  Problems addressed here in include:Online Dog Training

  • Aggressive behavior to people or other dogs
  • Excessive barking
  • Hyperactivity
  • Feafulness
  • Disobedience
  • Separation anxiety
  • Chewing, mouthing, stealing
  • Toileting in the wrong place
  • Selective hearing
  • Unpredictable or crazy behavior

If you have a new puppy you can jump straight to the puppy section which addresses problems such as toilet training, mouthing, jumping up and recall.  This product claims to remove the confusion around dog training, providing a calm authorotative voice in an overwhelming online market.  Doggy Dan says that he can show you how easy it is to achieve good communication with your dogs without raising your voice.  The method used treats the cause of the problem and allows your dog to choose the correct behavior through choice, and not through force or fear.  The last section deals with understanding dog behavior in general.

For those who want to understand dog behavior in more detail there are resources available through this site that you can work through at your own pace and they are laid out in a simple drop down menu.  The quality of the videos is very high in comparison to the other products lower down in the category.  The high production quality makes for a clean product that really highlights the steps being taught without distraction.  The dogs on the videos at The Online Dog Trainer also certainly look relaxed and happy, and that is very hard to fake.  There is no mention of serious aggression problems or other serious behavioral problems here, which may or may not respond well to the softly softly approach.  Most of the dogs in the videos look pretty easy going and docile.  We would recommend you seek face to face consultation with a local dog behavioralist if you have any concerns with whether or not this product will help your dog.

The site is constantly being updated with videos being added and new questions being answered online.  The three bonus extras include an “audio library” which gives an insight into understanding your dog in downloadable audio format.  Bonus 2 is an extra guide to puppy training called “7 Secrets to Puppy Training”, and bonus 3 is a video called “9 Advanced Vocal Commands” and teaches a range of commands used by Hollywood dog trainers.  The Online Dog Training package is packed with features of a high quality and good facilities for customer support in the form of the forum.  Even if you only sign up for a few months, you and your dog should learn a lot here. Why not sign up for free?

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Green Living Do’s and Don’ts

Emma Parks is just your average girl except she keeps a blog, has written a book and has inspired tons of followers after spending a year making her life more eco-friendly.

Today we're speaking with Parks to get some do's and don'ts of green living and how to make your life more green.

Emma Parks

Q: What would you say is the biggest mistake of most people make in terms of green living?
A: What bothers me I guess is when people kinda just want to pay their way the green, you know they want to buy some solar panels and buy a hybrid car throwing money at the green movement necessarily work because I think it's more of an overall mentality of you have to have it just consuming less.

Q: Is there anything we be surprised to learn that is not eco friendly?
A: Well there's a lot of products I claim to be natural that are full of fragrances and parabens and preservatives and stuff and unfortunately you just have to do your research and read every single ingredient list. All this stuff like Starbucks… whatever they have these healthy looking salads and then you read ingredients like polyethylene glycol which I think is some derivative of antifreeze.

Q: What was a problem that encountered that you didn't foresee?
A: Often we have to choose between like and imported organic product or a local non organic product. The rule that my nutritionist friend has is first to buy local organic, second was local and third was organic.

Q: What would you say is the trick to making these changes in sticking with them?
A: Find your own, maybe your niece or just something that you really care about most. I mean some people just don't care so much about conserving water and they let the tap run. Maybe you care a lot about waste reduction in garbage and I know personally that's kind of my situation. I just hate creating garbage and I hate buying things with lots of the packaging. There's a lot of blogs out
there were people are trying just to not buy any plastic, like not consume any plastic what so ever. It's just good to think of something that you really care about for whatever reason and just focus on that but let yourself have a few sins every now and then.

Q: Do you think everyone can live an eco-friendly lifestyle now?
A: I do think that everyone can step out outside of their comfort zone more than they do. You know I really never thought I'd be the type of person to unplug my fridge one day but I did and I was so surprised at how easy was. I'm surprising myself at at how much happier I am having done all these things that I never thought I would so I just hope more people take that take that leap.

We hope you enjoyed this question and answer post on the do's and don'ts of green living.

Crucial Home Aquaponics System How To DIY Guide

Crucial Home Aquaponics System How To DIY Guide

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). Aquaponics allows fish and plants to thrive in a closely monitored system. It has been lauded as one of the most efficient farming systems ever devised by man. Aquaponics requires only one-tenth of the water that normal farming requires. This makes it a perfect farming system for geographical areas that are too hot or that do not enjoy enough rainfall. auquaponics_pin1

This method can help meet the needs of hungry people all over the world. There are over 1 billion people who are currently under fed. Their problems can be addressed somewhat if aquaponics is introduced as the future of agriculture.


Aquaponics can also be used to give a face-lift to our homes.The perfect aquaponic design revolves round keeping a tank of fish and growing seedlings inside water. It is advisable to use Tilapia, Trout or Silver Perch species. These fishes grow very quickly and are relatively cheap to maintain. Moreover, they can endure hot temperatures and taste delicious if you ever plan on eating them.

Fish waste nourishes plants. In return, the plants filter the water when they take in these nutrients and nitrogen. This unique biological process converts 2 forms of waste into nourishment for fishes and plants. And by extension gives us the opportunity to grow these plants effortlessly and give our homes adequate decoration.

The secret of a diy aquaponics setup is to plan out everything before you start. Aquaponics operations are being created all over the world even in areas that have been known to be difficult to grow plants or produce fish. However, the perfect aquaponic design for the average Joe is a home based system which is suitable for the indoors and which puts healthy-eating vegetables on your table too.

Decorating your home with growing vegetables enhances beautifies your environment and can enliven a boring room. It helps to improve the quality of the air that you breathe in. Moreover, you do not need to attend to them every second. They can grow on their own as long as their nutrients available to nurture them.

Diy aquaponic systems come in varying degrees. Anyone can do it. You can start small or you can start big. It is suitable for homes and gardens in the backyard. It is also suitable for large scale farmers and wholesale commercial owners. These systems are not expensive. However, try decorating your home with the vegetables you grow in the fish tank before taking it any further.

Learn HOW TO SETUP Your Very Own HOME AQUAPONICS SYSTEM And Grow A Clean Steady Source of VITAMINS, MINERALS And FIBER In 7 DAYS (Or Less) – Guaranteed!!!”

The environmental benefits of aquaponics cannot be overemphasized. It does not require the use of harmful pesticides nor does this agricultural system suffer from soil borne diseases. Moreover, when you compare soil preparation to other means of farming, the aquaponics system is easy to set up, cheap to maintain and impacts favorably on your overall health

It is crucial that you strike a perfect balance with your aquaponics system. If you have too many fish and not enough plants, the plants would be stunted in growth and will not purify the water sufficiently. On the other hand, if there are too many plants and few fishes there would not be enough nutrients for them grow and at the same time clean up the water. What this means is that the water would end up being polluted and the fish would die.

Aaron Niezz is an Aquaponics Enthusiast, His Aquaponics involvement started few years back in 2008 moving from water gardening and ornamental fish keeping.For more info about aquaponics please feel free to visit his website HERE.

Easy To Understand Guide Shows You, How To Setup A Home Aquaponics System From Scratch And Make It Produce More Than 154 Lb Of Fresh Vegetables And 89 Lb Of Adult Fish With Your Very First System, Even If You Don't Know Anything About Aquaponics System!



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What is Freecycle

What is Freecycle

Have you ever wondered What is Freecycle? It's an online group based forum board usually setup in your city or town that helps people with an easy way to dispose of unwanted items from toys, clothing to cars and furniture that you may have collected throughout the years. These items are suppose to be still usable and could be used by other people that live nearby in your area. All you have to do is perform a search at for the word of your City, Town or Zip Code and you should see a Freecycle group located in your area in the search results.

What is Freecycling


The Freecycling idea was created to help keep unwanted items that still have a viable life left out of the landfills and to help promote a greener environment. The basis of Freecycling is that you are offering your unwanted item to other for FREE with no money exchanging between the two parties. After posting your items to your local Freecycle group board you will get responses to from other Freecyclers that have an interest in your item(s) and from there you can decide who to offer your items to.

Have fun and get out there and start Freecycling.

The Green Life!

Living the Green Life

There are varying degrees of green lifestyle choices you can make. It depends on your level of comfort, concern, and personal preference. More “advanced” green lifestyles differ from those who are just getting started, or who prefer to do just a few basic things. Here are some of the differences.

 Eco PlantsThe Basics for being Green

 For a beginner or someone who simply prefers to do a few simple things, the basics usually cover it. This includes some or all of the following:

 * Eating whole, natural foods grown organically and, if possible, locally
 * Recycling household waste such as cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic
 * Conserving water in the home by cutting back wherever possible
 * Choosing eco-friendly paints when it's time to redecorate
 * Saving energy by turning out lights, installing CFLs (Compact Florescent Lamps), and using daylight whenever possible
 * Saving energy by using electric appliances sparingly and in a strategic way (such as baking foods at the same time, using the microwave to reheat foods, etc.)
 * Using solar lighting outdoors
 * Cleaning the home with natural, eco-friendly cleaners, homemade and/or commercial
 * Investing in more eco-friendly toys for children, such as wooden toys
 * Cutting back on fuel use by walking, carpooling, or biking
 * Using cloth bags for shopping


 The more Advanced Green Life

 In addition to the above, a more advanced green lifestyle might include some or all of these lifestyle choices.

 * Setting up a recycling program in the office, school, or community
 * Organizing and/or participating in a community clean-up day
 * Engaging in eco-friendly travel, such as driving a hybrid vehicle
 * Installing solar panels, personal wind turbines, or other alternative means of generating electricity for the household
 * Composting kitchen scraps in a worm bin or compost pile
 * Growing your own food using organic methods
 * Wearing only natural fibers and sustainable footwear
 * Using only sustainable woods and materials in the home, such as natural linoleum or bamboo flooring, mango-wood furniture, and natural countertops
 * Using only recycled materials in the home such as paper and cardboard
 * Doing business as an eco-consultant
 * Installing a low-flow toilet or composting toilet
 * Building an entirely eco-friendly house out of natural materials

 As you can see, there are varying degrees of going and being green. You may well begin with the basics and then add more and more of the more advanced options. And remember, you don't have to be super-advanced to be effective in your greening efforts. The important thing is to take steps in the right direction and do what you are able to do.

How to Build Amazing Shipping Container Homes

How to Build Amazing Shipping Container Homes

“Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build Shipping Container Homes From Scratch?”

Shipping Container Homes

When it comes to building a home from a shipping container there are many things you must consider. You've probably already searched various websites for guidance however many of the other Online guides miss out several very important steps.

You see, safety is a huge factor when building a container home. I mean, you're probably going to have friends and family living in your container at some point!

And that's why you need to follow a guide you can trust. Not some dodgy You Tube video.

Shipping Container Homes

Professional container builder for 14
years reveals his secrets and teaches you:

How to build a beautifully designed home using shipping containers.
    What costly mistakes you must avoid so your shipping container homes project doesn't collapse like a house of cards!
    The fastest way to get your project complete and livable.
    Where money can be saved and where you need to invest those savings for the best results.
    The cheapest way to build shipping container homes from start to finish.

Hello my friend,

I'm a professional builder and have been using shipping containers in many various projects over the last 14 years. I'm also a designer, I can help you visualize an amazing container home that's also easy to build. Function and brilliant design are my main goals when taking on a new project.

“There Are Many Benefits
To Shipping Container Homes”

I noticed about 5 years ago the interest in shipping container homes sky rocketed. This is because people a realizing the huge benefits to this method:

And finally after many years of experience, I have created a simple to follow DIY guide to building a container home.

  • 71 Sustainable Eco Homes - From Shipping Containers Abodes to Matrix Mansions (TOPLIST) If you like please follow our boards!:
       Afford-ability. Building a container home is extremely cost effective. If you've already looked into the cost of new or second hand container you obviously know what I mean.
        Design. You can easily modify shipping container to create a modern sleek look.
        Strength. Shipping containers are build extremely strong with few weak points making them a great starting point.
        Time. Because the majority of the home is already built you can have a complete home built in record time.
        Unique. Even though container homes are on the rise they are still unique and will stand out from every other home.
        Green. Recycling an old shipping container and using it to build with is a great green idea and many other will see the important example you're setting.

Now it's time for me to bring your dream to reality. After all this time in the building industry I've been asked countless times to help others build their own shipping container homes. I've always been worried about others doing work like this but after helping a few people I knew it was something I loved to do.

Shipping Container Homes

Since my reputation is on the line, I leave no stone un-turned! Here's what you're going to lean with my Build A Container Home Construction Manual:

Use my secret sources to get a shipping container at the lowest possible price. This can make or break your chances at building a low cost home.
    Crucial pre-purchase inspection tip! Warning: You must know this before purchasing ANY shipping container. Not knowing this quick tip could result in heart ache and lost $$$.
    How to obtain your permit. Get full step-by-step instructions to obtain a building permit including a check list of what you need to do. Just check them off as you do each step.
    Design and layout planning tips and advise from a qualified expert. It may seem simple using containers but there are quite a few options as you're probably aware. 20″, 40″, High cube etc. Then you can use multiple containers in many different formats. My design tips will help you choose the right layout for your needs.
    On top of my layout tips I'll also throw in 15 3D container layout options to help you out.
    Learn how to correctly prepare your site for footings or concrete foundations. I go into quite a lot of detail with plenty of diagrams and pictures on this topic because this is where I see a lot of newbie container builders go wrong. So pay attention!
    Get my electrical layout and installation plans. I've topped this off with full diagrams to make this as simple as possible.
    This is just a small fraction of the information I'm including in my guide to Building a Container Home. There is SO MUCH MORE included and I'm sure you're going to love the detail.


Shipping Container Homes

Customers from all over the world are thrilled with the quality and level of detail in my shipping container homes construction guide. Take a look at what they're saying below:

As you can see, this is extremely extensive. You will not find this level of detailed information anywhere else. Not in the library, not in other Online guides, not You Tube, nowhere!

“The Most Comprehensive And
Up To Date Construction
Guide Available.”

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Homes

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Build a Container Home Plans