Most Expensive Shipping Container Home

If you're looking to buy a Shipping Container Home that's already been built, then look no further! This eco-friendly and energy efficient home has been carefully engineered from five beautiful shipping containers and has 2,600 sqft of living space. Can you believe that this earth-saving home also contains three unique bedrooms with each having personal baths? This spectacular home was designed by the Industrial Designer, Debbie Glassberg, in collaboration with BNIM. 

This is suppose to be Kansas City MO first container home and if you're willing to shell out $849,000 it can be yours. Outside the home there are raised bed garden planter so you can grow your own green organic fruits and vegetables. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative then you might want to take a look at these Shipping Container Home building plans which will guide you through the whole process of building your own container home from the ground up at a much cheaper price.

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What to Consider Before Building a Shipping Container Home

The newest craze in eco-friendly building is shipping container homes. These unique houses use new or used cargo containers as their primary construction material. And since these shipping containers are cheap and plentiful, you can build your very own shipping container house for a surprisingly low cost.

But before you make the choice to construct your very own container home, there are a few things you should consider. Just because container homes are becoming very popular with the green building set doesn't necessarily mean that you should make the plunge yourself. You need to think about your personal needs, your financial situation, and local building codes before you make the investment of building your own container home.

First, you need to realize that a shipping container home is definitely not a traditional house. This may seem obvious, but it's an important factor to consider. Even though homes built out of cargo containers seem really cool now, you may find that the novelty wears off after a few years. Any home is a long-term investment, so you need to be absolutely sure that you are happy with your potential living situation before you invest thousands of dollars into it. Even though container homes are a smart, eco-friendly choice, you may find yourself yearning for the comforts of a traditional home after a while. Also, consider your space needs before you start construction. If you have a big family, or just want a lot of bedrooms, you may need multiple shipping containers to have the house of your dreams. This requires a lot more work and customization than homes that only use one cargo container.

Next, think about the total costs associated with building a cargo container home. Shipping containers by themselves are relatively cheap, but it takes a lot of time and labor to transform it into a cozy home. You will also need to ship the container to your building site, which might be more expensive than you think. Foundation work also needs to be done, which tacks on extra cost. Before you purchase a shipping container for your new home, consult with a knowledgeable building contractor who can accurately calculate your total cost. An even better option is to work with a company that specializes in cargo container architecture. They will have an expert opinion on everything you will need to do, and they might even be able to sell you a container for your home and make all of the modifications you need ahead of time. By dealing with one company, you can be sure of what all of your costs will be, since you will not need to reconcile quotes from different vendors and contractors.

And most importantly, you will need to consult with local authorities to make sure your new container home meets all local building codes. Some communities simply won't allow homes constructed out of shipping containers. If this is the case, you may be out of luck, but it's much better to find out before you invest money or begin construction. Check all applicable state and local building codes before you buy materials or hire contractors. Pay special attention to building codes related to building homes using steel, since this is the most likely restriction you will find on shipping container homes. Also, when you consult your local building office, make sure that you have a specific house plan in mind before you ask for approval. If you just say that you want to build a cargo container home, you might get a quick rejection. However, if you prove that you have a specific, well thought out plan for a home, you are more likely to convince local authorities that your proposed project is up to code.

These considerations should not dissuade you from building a shipping container home. They are cheap, efficient, and environmentally friendly structures that can make a unique home. But, as in all major projects, it's very important to take into account all of the snags that could come your way. By planning ahead, you can make sure that your cargo container home project gets done right.

Hank Steele writes for Shipping Containers Sale [], a website specializing in information about the sale, purchase, and creative uses of shipping containers.

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The Secret To Growing Huge Garden Vegtables


RETRANSMITTED TO ADD PUMPKIN WAS DISQUALIFIED FROM THE CONTEST – Dale Marshall is dwarfed by an Atlantic Giant Pumpkin that he estimates to be around 1,780-pounds inside a greenhouse in Anchorage on Aug. 29, 2011. The pumpkin was knocked out of the state fair competition Wednesday Aug. 31, 2011 by a tiny hole. The giant gourd was grown by plumber Dale Marshall in his backyard greenhouse. Puncture or not, the pumpkin is in rare company. The world record weight for a pumpkin is 1,810 pounds. The winner was a 1,287-pound pumpkin that is the biggest pumpkin ever grown for the annual Giant Pumpkin competition at the state fair. (AP Photo/Anchorage Daily News, Bill Roth)




Beautiful DIY Pallet Projects – How Pallets Aren’t Just Used For Shipping Anymore

Beautiful DIY Pallet Projects. Your Weekend Just Got Awesome.

Love working with pallet wood, but hate complicated tutorials?

We Hear You!

Pallet Furniture IdeasIn the past when you thought of a pallet you thought of bulk shipping and warehouses that would be responsible for moving product from one location to another. Most people didn't own their own pallets, and if they did it was because of the business that they owned. Today, pallets are much more commonplace and you may find that they are not just for shipping anymore.

Of course, if you look in any shipping truck or in the back of any retail store, you are likely to see pallets. They continue to be a great way to move product in bulk, because the forklifts can easily pick up a pallet of product and move it from one place to another, putting it on trucks and taking it off and dispersing it as needed. Pallets ensure that all of the product can be moved together with ease. This is why you will generally see pallets in trucks and in the backs of retail stores where they will be used later to move more product back and forth from one location to another.

Today pallets are used for a wide variety of things, and shipping is not something that most people will ever do with a pallet on their own. Many are using second hand pallets, those that have already been used for shipping purposes, to build different furnishings. In many cases, the pallets can be turned into outdoor furniture as the wood slats make a great foundation for a lot of different informal furniture.

Pallets are not just used to make outdoor furniture; some people are even making indoor furniture with it. Side tables, platform beds and even coffee tables are being made from pallets. When coupled with other pallets or modified just a bit and then stained or painted, pallets are no longer something simple and unattractive; instead they can be simple yet beautiful furniture for the indoors or outdoors.

Furniture is not where unconventional use for pallets stops. Many people are people using pallets for gardens. Instead of having to weed a garden and space all of the plants apart just so, the pallets are used as freestanding gardens. The idea is to fill the empty spaces with soil and then plant in those areas The slats keep the plants spaced just so, and it's nice because there is not nearly as much weeding or overcrowding to worry about. And even better, when the harvest season is over, there is no need to tear up large portions of the garden and work really hard to do so, rather, one can just pick up the entire pallet and throw it away. Or, they can clean out just the bit of soil that is in the spaces and store the pallets for the next year.

As you can see, there are more to pallets than meets the eye. In the internet inspired and Pinterest driven world we live in today, there is no limit as to what you can do with pallets creatively. IF you do need pallets for shipping purposes, you'll find that they are easier to get a hold of than ever before as you can buy brand new ones that are very well made for fairly cheap or you can even buy them used but still in great condition.

Plastic pallets are made of a variety of plastics both virgin and recycled materials. If you are looking for Plastic Pallets in Western Australia then Half Price Pallets is the perfect place to be.

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