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Freecycle is an organization known for offering Earth friendly recyclable products created from quality Eco friendly and Sustainable materials, which in turn helps with the establishment of a Healthier Planet for all. If you are driven to the concept of a clean Green Planet using recycled reuse materials please browse our Freecycle store to find something you like.
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Recycled Outdoor Furniture

Make majestic views like this more comfortable to watch with our great selection of beautiful recyclable products from our Freecycle store..Recycled Outdoor Furniture.
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Outdoor Garden Decor

We would be hard pressed to make our Outdoor Flower Garden here at Freecycle be more beautiful than it already is but check out are awesome selection of Recyclable Lawn and Garden Decorations for some great ideas.
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Have you decided you wanted to upgrade that old appliance, furniture or something else around the house to something new you’ve always dreamed about? If that’s the case then what are you going to do with that old stuff that still probably has some good life left in it? This is definitely the time where Freecycle can play its part in job of finding that trusty old item a new home. It’s a great way to give to someone that may not have the money to buy new. Most old household items can be re-purposed into creative recyclable things.

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What is Freecycle?

Yes, Freecycle means Free Stuff! Freecycle lets us find FREE gently used furniture, tools, clothing, electronics and more from Freecycle.org which is an online community of people who join the group in their local area and swap or giveaway things that have been collecting around the home and no longer need. If you join a local area group the members expect that you to donate items and not just take freebies.

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